Saturday, August 4, 2012

Run To Me

      I know I have not blogged in a while but here goes. I was off track for a while there. I was on a roller coaster of weight gain and loss ( more gain than loss). I found myself a little discouraged. I was also overwhelmed with my life . Jake was in little league and I wanted to go to all of his games.Unfortunately a lot of the games fell on my meeting days and I missed quite a few meetings. Jake made it to the championships but my weigh-ins did not. Work has been out of control busy too. But these things happen all of the time. We are all busy and we all have a lot of things on our plates.
    I got complacent. I was not careful about what I ate. I ate things that I normally avoid. Not that you cannot eat almost everything on Weight Watchers because you can. You need to have control. If you have a day where you eat junk food, then you need to be more observant for the rest of the week. I was slowly giving myself bigger portions of food. And I was treating myself to snacks that I probably should not. I even started a Snickers peanut butter habit. Those things are so good they should come with a warning label.
     My workouts suffered as well. I was running three days a week to keep in running shape for my races. And then the heatwave struck. I was getting in quick runs in the evening but running when it's ninety degrees is not good. I seem to have forgotten that I have a stash of workout DVDs at home and a workout is a workout no matter how small or how hard. It was as if I forgot all of my WW principles. I needed help. When you find yourself in a deep hole, stop digging.  With little league regular season over, I started attending meetings again. I actually attend two meetings back to back. I downloaded "Weight Loss Boss" by WW CEO David Kirchoff which is a really cool book about how he dealt with his weight loss.
   I started paying close attention to what I was putting in my mouth. I am talking portions and types. And yes I have not consumed a Snickers peanut butter bar in weeks. That's not to say that there is not a bar in my freezer as I type, but it is there if I would like to have one not need one. It is obviously a trigger and I need to learn how to make it a food, not a drug or a reward. I also started running as regular as I possibly can. For me this could mean running three days in a row by getting up early in the morning before it's way too hot. I also have to accept that I am not up to my usual running yet and add walking in between sometimes. And on the days when the weather is not my friend, I whip out a DVD and get in a thirty minute workout. It must be working because after five weeks of gaining, I lost weight two weeks in a row.
       This week's meeting topic was about how each of us can achieve our weight loss goals. There was a phrase I COULD ACHIEVE MY WW GOALS IF ONLY... For me I need to focus on the tangible things like workouts and portion control. Also to engage in "positive self talk"; something I was lacking during my downhill slide. My WW leader Melanie said that people have all the resources they need and that we just need to identify them.
Me after the June race

Me after the July race

     I am still trying to do a race event almost every month.  Here is what I've accomplished so far; March - 2 5K's, June - 4 miler and July - 4 miler. These are things I never thought I would do but now I do. I even convinced my son Jake to run a kids race too and he liked it and said he would do it again.
Jake after the kids race
Wed.- walk 40 mins
Thurs. - walk 60 mins
Fri. - 30 min DVD
Sat - Run 3.2 miles
Sun. - Run 2.4 miles
Mon- 30 min DVD + strength training
Tues. - Run 2.4 miles in morning + bike 30 min in evening

     Bobism: I used to eat salad so I could have salad dressing.

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