Saturday, May 28, 2011

Walk This Way

            This year some of the "Tuesday Night Happy Hour" Crowd and I did the Weight Watchers Walk It Challenge 2011. This is not my first 5K. I admit there may be a little addiction there. This one was an actual challenge for me because I walked on a sprained ankle. I had been training to do a running 5K for May 21st. I have been encouraged by the "Tuesday Night Happy Hour" crew to challenge myself to do more[Cindy, Tamra,Melanie Nina and Sheryl- you know who you are]. I did a running 5K with Cindy and Tam in the beginning of April but I was not feeling so energetic that morning and ran half and walked half.  I was excited to do my first formal( which means register and pay for) 5K. I realized that maybe I did not run the whole 5K because I did not get a chance to train properly running outside etc. I decided that I would get training in where I can fit it in. I trained on the weekends if the weather was good( it has been raining so much lately).

            I would come home after work, change and go for a quick run. I did not try to run the entire 5k each time. I did what I could or what my body could. The track near my home is .82 mile. If I run four times, that's a 5K. There were nights when my body could do two laps (1.64 miles). I had to learn to be happy with that. I struggle with trying to be good at running. I am still a baby jogger. The Sunday before the May 21st Hunts Point Hustle 5K, it rained for most of the day. But in the late afternoon the sun popped out and I saw that as a sign that I needed to get in a run. I jogged the first two laps and then walked the last two. I was happy that I pushed myself and did not waste a "sunny moment".  My ankle was hurting a bit and my hubby massaged me as he always does after I run. My ankle ached on Monday as well. But on Tuesday the pain started shooting up my calf and I knew that I had to ask the doctor to take a look. He made the breath sucking sound and said "Carin you sprained your ankle". I keep my doctor up on my actvities and he knew I was training for a 5K for the weekend. He said that he did not want me to run because it would make things worse. I asked if I could do the WW Walk on Sunday and he said I may be pushing it but I could. So I spent the next few days putting ice on my ankle and keeping it elevated and compressed.
            On the day of the WW Walk It Challenge Josh, Jake and I caught a 6am bus to Manhattan. We were going to catch two trains to get to the event but the first train was not running at our station so we decided to walk. We would up walking nearly two miles, stopping for breakfast at McDonald's along the way. I had an Egg McMuffin. We finally made it to registration, signed in and find my peeps Cindy and Nina.  We were also joined by fellow"TNHH" member Miriam and our wonderful leader Melanie.

Cindy and me

           The walk was great. The weather cooperated, the view by the East River was beautiful and my sons were absolute troopers. After the walk, we walked a long trek back to the train station and started out long trip home. We picked up Subway sandwiches for lunch on the way home. Josh, Jake and I walked 8.71 miles, 21,240 steps all before 1pm on a Sunday.  As soon as I got home, I put ice on my ankle and propped it up on a pillow and took a long nap. I felt great. Congrats to everyone who participated in the Weight Watchers Walk It Challenge!
Melanie cheering us on

we love you too Mel

Miriam and Nina after the 5K

Cindy and Elise after the 5K

Miriam,Melanie, me, Bob,Cindy, Elise and Nina sitting

Saturday, May 14, 2011

No One Is To Blame

              This week's meeting topic is about the outside influences in your life. We all have both good and bad influences in our lives. I remember all of the diets I have been on in my life. My late mother was often an obstacle unintentionally. Because she did not have a weight problem she did not understand my struggle. She was an excellent cook, just like her mother before her. She knew how to make carrot cake and gingerbread from scratch. And she could cook the best southern dishes that could put the most popular soul food restaurants out of business. This was all she knew. I am so sure she wanted me to be skinny. The flip side was that every time I went on a diet, she would cook the good/bad food. I once asked her to just cook for for Josh and herself and I ate a small bowl of pasta and tomato sauce every night of the week. She did get to see me lose some of the weight before she passed away. She did not understand all the athletics and changes to her recipes. My mom was a food pusher. I did not learn for a long time how to say "no" and to stand up for myself.
              Work is another place for food pushing. I have been lucky enough to have a job where food was plentiful. I worked in an office where there was plenty of gourmet leftovers for the team. I happily devoured them. When I started Weight Watchers, I started saying no to the leftovers. I explained to my co-workers that the extra food was a problem for me and that I had to plan and pay attention to what I eat. Now when there are leftovers, they look at me and say "I'm not gonna ask you". Winning! (sorry Charlie)
             It is a constant job to pick and choose what you want to consume. I have to confess that I did not do the best job of all in the past week. No one pushed food on me; I shoved food down my own throat. I enjoyed it too. I did something I have not done in a long time. I stayed up late finishing a book( the last Twilight book "Breaking Dawn") and I brought the entire bag of Salsa flavored Sun Chips into the bedroom with me and just kept sticking my hand in the bag until I finished reading. I was not stressed or depressed. I was just engaging in "naughty" behavior and endulgence on my part. This week I neither lost nor gained weight which means that I am still holding on to those four pounds I gained last week. But considering all the snacking I did, I'm lucky.
           Mother's Day weekend was absolutely wonderful. My darling hubby to me to see the Broadway show "Memphis". It was great because he went with me.

my old man

           I have been trying to keep active. That's probably why I did not have a gain after massive snacking. I am also working towards my 5K event on May 21st. I am hoping to jog the whole 3.1 miles. I realize some things about balance like even though I can jog the whole 3.1 miles, I do not have to do it every time I get on the track. My body is making changes on the inside. My muscles are ripping and repairing. I need to respect my body and listen for the messages it sends me. That being said, I have been jogging at least two laps around the local track worth 1.6 miles.
Tues. - treadmill (41 mins) + bike (22mins) + all day = 13pts
Wed.- an unplanned rest day
Thurs.all day plus May 5K Walk = 14pts
Fri. all day = 5pts
Sat. - Mother's day( forgot my pedometer)- opts
Sun. - jog + all day = 5pts
Mon.- jog + all day = 8pts
TOTAL = 45 activity points
          Activity can be so much fun. You should really do things that you like to do. This week me and my WW homies did our May Monthly 5K. Tamra mapped out a great walk to and through Central Park. We have been dying to do that and will probably do it again. I leave you with some pics of our group of fab five ( Tam, Cindy, Pete, Steve and me).

me, Pete, Cindy and Tam looking in different directions

Cindy, me and Tam

Columbus Circle

where's David Letterman

Times Square

Cindy and Pete and the pub

me and Tam at the pub
2676.89 - 26.3 = 2650.57 miles to go

     My friend Bob, who gave me the idea to make my weekly mileage a destination, has made it to his own hypothetical destination to San Diego and is now in the process of walking back to New York City. Way to go Bob!



Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Everybody Have Fun Tonight

            This week's WW meeting topic is about dining out. My family does not dine out much but when we do, we come to eat. Last week the boys and I went out to eat at a barbecue restaurant. As a WW I would usually avoid a place like that because, well , we all know what's in a barbecue restaurant. But when I do go out, I count it as part of my bonus points because I would like a treat. Sometimes dining out can be a free for all. I think my eating habits have changed quite a bit. When I was reading the menu, I felt overwhelmed by the amount of things I have not eaten in a while and did not know what I wanted. I chose a burger, sweet potato fries(emphasis on fried, I'm sure) and cole slaw. I also treated my self to a light beer. I rarely drink anymore but it was nice to have the one beer. I took Jake's lettuce, tomato and pickles because he does not like them. We did not order appetizers like we would have in the past. I did not think I could eat one anyway. When we finished, we were wiped out. Definitely no dessert there. I generally eat everything in a restaurant. "Satisfied Balloon Guy" needs a day off too. If you can eat until satisfied and take some home, so be it. So for the few times that I get to dine out, here are some guidelines;
1) Order something you normally avoid or do not cook at home. I think that a splurge is okay once and a while.
2)Do not order appetizers unless it is your meal. For example, two side orders as a meal is a good idea to order as a meal . If you want an appetizer, order something to share. That way you are not consuming many more calories.
3)Do order a drink, but do not drink your points. Most of the time, I stick with water. Don't have to count water, right?
4)If you're full or almost comatose after your meal, do not order dessert. It's an accident waiting to happen.
5)Look away from the bread basket. Bread can be a trigger especially if you came hungry.
            I think I had a little too much fun eating this week. On Saturday, I blew my own rule about being prepared. I had too many errands and while I was in the grocery store I purchased a bag of sour cream and onion Pop Chips. There is nothing wrong with Pop Chips, but I made the mistake of throwing the whole big bag in our snack bag to Jake's little league game on Saturday. As if that was not bad enough, while purchashing a quick burger for Jake at the concession stand, I found myself in a hypnotic trance of all the candy. I purchased a bag of Swedish Fish. I am ashamed to say that I ate the whole bag of Pop Chips and the Swedish Fish (hanging my head in shame). I even had dinner later that night. Now I know that the next game I attend I will have some fat free kettle korn and and fruit to keep shoving in my Mom cheering until I'm hoarse mouth and not have to pay a hefty check later. For the record, Jake's little league team played their best game so far. The score was 17-1 and they won for the first time. I'm not sure what hurt more, my voice from screaming, my hands from clapping or my butt from sitting on those bleachers after jogging.
            This week I gained 4lbs. but I am okay with it. I think that I need a good dose of hardcore tracking. I am usually a double tracker. I track in my Ultimate 3 Month Tracker as well as the WW Online tracker. I like to write down what I have eaten and calculate it online. Tracking can keep you honest. Sometimes a little too honest but it is a good way at looking at some of the poor or great choices you made along the way. I am stll going to the gym a few times a week. I hate getting up super early but I like having a lot of activity points accumulated before 8am. When I see the calories burned on the treadmill or bike computer I think, well there's my breakfast. I am also working on two upcoming 5K's (not counting the Fun Walk 5K this Thursday). I registered for the Hunts Point Hustle 5K in the Bronx on May 21st and the WW 5K on May 22nd. Depending on my recovery, I will have to decide whether to walk or run . On Saturday morning I was jogging and pushed myself to complete 3.28miles. I was amazed that I was able to keep going (thank you Sheryl's voice in my head!)  The only thing stopping me is me.
This Week's Activity
Tues. all day = 3pts
Wed. all day = 3pts
Thurs. treadmill 30mins + bike 30mins + all day = 9pts
Fri. treadmill 44mins(while watching the royal wedding) + bike 16mins + all day = 12pts
Sat. jogging 3.28miles + all day = 11pts
Sun. rest day
Mon. all day = 2pts
Total = 40 activity pts.
                  This week I plan on trying to get back on the right path. Eating lots of snacks is fun but also contagious like a cold. Once you get into it, it's hard to shake. Thursday is the Monthly 5K walk with my homies and I will jog again in preparation for my Hunts Point Hustle 5K. I am paying more attention to how tired my body can get so resting, especially after jogging, is important. Hope you're having a good week.

2,704 miles - 27.13 miles this week = 2,676.87 miles to go