Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The White Rabbit

         Last Tuesday, the "Success Handbook" book club met to talk about the chapter on Positive Self-Talk. I do struggle with this particular subject because there was negative energy in my life at various times. I would always reach out to others and offer encouragement and positive talk but I had none for myself. I am getting better at it. I think it's one of those muscles that has to be trained and strengthened all of the time. I have to realize that I am human. I make mistakes.  I also do so much more than I ever thought I would. I may not be at goal yet but my clothes are loose. I go to Zumba multiple times a week. I sign up for races. I'm not so bad after all. Just joking. Remember what the dormouse said. Feed your head Feed your head!

      Last week's WW meeting topic was regarding the effect weekends can have on your following the program. For quite a few people, the weekend can revolve around dates to eat. I have no such problem. I tend to eat at home. Also, on the weekends I usually eat two meals a day because I can take advantage of sleeping later if I do not need to travel. I will usually have a bigger breakfast by adding more protein or having pancakes which are higher in points. During the day if I feel hungry I have a piece of fruit and lots of water. This will hold me until dinner. I usually have less stress on the weekends, so I usually will not stress eat. My tricks for getting through the weekend are;
1) Sleep a little more
2) Have a healthy big breakfast , high on protein
3) Know what you're having for dinner; even if you're going out.
4) Leave room for treats.
5) Drinks lots of water.
6) If you're at an event, pay attention to the event. If it's a game, watch the game. If it's a party, dance , socialize take pictures. If you hiking, hike.

I used to go to baseball games. I don't any more. I found out that it wasn't the baseball games. I was going to eat.

          There is a new Wednesday Night Happy Hour WW challenge that started last week. The challenge is to "TRACK". I have been proudly tracking everyday since our Good Health Guidelines challenge back in June. I track everything I eat including the things I wish I did not eat. But as my fabulous leader Melanie says " this should not be Wishful Tracking. Our trackers do not have to be works of  fiction".

THIS WEEK'S ACTIVITY ( my sinuses are killing me so I'm a little out of commission)
Wednesday - AM workout- 7:15AM Zumba class. PM Workout - walking 20 min.
Thursday - AM workout- run on treadmill 30 min & weights. PM workout- WW Social Walk 5K
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday- nothing
Tuesday- AM workout- 30 min weights

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


       Last week's Weight Watchers meeting topic was regarding the ability to "Believe". I had trouble with that belief system at first. For a lot of us the ability to believe lies in proof. So you attend meetings, count your points and Voila! it works every time. But when it does work so well for others and not so well for you, what do you do for your burden of proof? The answer have to nurture it. You have to commit to the program ( or any program). You have to overcome some obstacles. Sometimes you have to re-define your success and release yourself from failure. Your belief cannot be tied to the scale. The scale is feedback but it does not define you.

Bobism ~ The scale is kinda stupid.

     So how to you re-define your success? It's in all of the small changes you make along the way.Those small changes add up and before you know you are "the person formally known as". I like to try as much activity as my body will allow. My definition of allow is a little different than you think. To me allow means that I stop short of being hospitalized. I do have aches and pains everyday. But if I am allowed to wake up the next day I am grateful. And I will take my aches and pains to the gym, my bike or the track and give them some company. This makes me feel empowered. I never thought working out would feel empowering. I used to believe that working out just the minimal amount I need to to lose weight was all I was going to do. Now I actually look forward to it. Sure I procrastinate on a weekend morning when I should be out running but I will get up and out eventually. I do take time to rest if I feel injured or exhausted. The endorphin rush I get when I work out is worth it.
       So let's add this up. I did not always believe but I am nurturing the belief that I will get to my goal weight no matter how long it takes. I did not exercise regularly but now I look forward to working out not only as exercise but as an accomplishment.  So what did I accomplish in the last seven days;

Wednesday- Morning Zumba class + walking
Thursday - AM gym workout;running on treadmill 30 min + weights/ PM Double Zumba class 90min (2nd class was Zumba Tone w/ weights)
Friday - Weights upper & lower body 30 min
Saturday - Run 3 miles on track
Sunday - no formal workout, a lot of walking
Monday - Run 3 miles on track
Tuesday - PM Zumba class