Tuesday, January 8, 2013

You Only Live Twice

               Year 2012 was different for me. It was the first time that I had a goal for the entire year. What was my goal? Running of course. In January I made the commitment to run what has become our annual 5K race in Flushing Meadows. The race was in April. The previous year I did not start training until a few weeks before the race but in 2012 I started training in January. I also took Sheryl's advice and joined the New York Road Runners club so that I could get a discount on races in the future.  I made the initial rule that I must run at least two days a week .  I went outside my comfort zone and ran around my neighborhood (2.55 miles) and not just the track. I ran by myself at night . I ran in the cold weather and still broke a sweat. When race day came, I ran with confidence that I put in my training time.
                I went on to run more races. I ran 5K's, 4 Miles and even a 5 Mile. I ran in cold and extreme heat. During the long hot summer I got out of bed and ran at 4:30 and 5am to avoid the heat. I was very nervous at the idea of running early in the morning, in the dark , by myself but then I learned to love the solitude. I even practiced my first hill drill at 6am in the heat. I purchased running clothes with wicking and a spibelt to carry all my stuff instead of holding everything or stuffing things into the vault aka my bra. I got a subscription to Runners World Magazine and downloaded and book on Women Running on my Nook.  I went from barely running at all to someone who loves to run. I actually feel depressed if I don't run for a few days. And let's not even go into injuries. I am struggling with a strained muscle right now. But I keep at it. I ran ten races this year. I don't think I ran ten races throughout my childhood.
              The only thing bad about my running fetish is that I neglected the other forms of exercise. I rested on non run days and that was not my best idea.  So I recently joined a new gym. I am trying to commit to at least two days a week at the gym. I even took my first official Zumba class last week. I love using the weights machines, especially the machines for legs because I know it will make me a stronger runner.  In the past I have been afraid to run on the treadmill but two weeks ago I did it.
             So you know when you use machines like the treadmill or bikes and they ask for your personal information like your weight and your age? I found myself typing 47 as my age. It was hilarious to me that for almost a week I forgot my age. Once I noticed what I kept doing I started to analyze myself. So here is my theory. I will turn 47 years young this summer. This must be the year that I get to goal. I have been in WW for a while and watched others get to their goal but maybe I was not in the right mind set at the right time. But typing 47 into the exercise machine by accident too many times is putting me on notice.

"Something happens that is unexpected but I expected it"