Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Can't Let Go

         Last week was a little hard. I had so many things going on and a couple of late nights. It can be difficult to juggle work life, night life, family life and working out. What's a girl to do? This girl can't let go. I told you that I have been jogging so that I can keep up my running skills for races. But last weekend my knee started to hurt. I was nervous because last year I sprained my ankle and was not able to run all summer. So I pulled back on running and did some dvd workouts and walked. I also went to my doctor and asked him to check out my knee to see if there was any serious damage. He said that I had a strain. Before visiting him, I purchased a heat wrap that you can wear for several hours during the day and a pressure point knee band. He said that I was doing the right thing and that I should try to run now that I had given my knee a rest. I'm glad to say that my knee works.
Cindy & Tam calculating points

Tam, Cindy & Dena

          Two weeks ago after the meeting I went on a "field trip" with my friend Cindy to Trader Joe's. I heard about this grocery store for many years, especially in Weight Watchers meetings. But Trader Joe's does not have a location where I live. Bob was shocked that I had never been to the store. We tend to shop where with live . And those of us who don't drive have to take advatage of our neighborhood grocery stores. Cindy, Tamra, Dena and I did a "field trip to Trader Joe's after the last Wednesday night meeting.

           What I love about stores like Trader Joe's is the way they display the foods we should be eating. Produce is in your face the moment you walk in the door. Before you know it, you have a cart full of fruits and vegetables and no room for anything else. Nothing wrong with that. Everyone should experience shopping like that. Sure, it's easy to run into a restaurant and pick up food but to me there is something to getting ideas by holding beautiful, colorful and fresh fruits and veggies.

swiss chard
orange, yellow, purple & white carrots
           This brings me to another fun field trip to my local farmers market. It's only open on Saturdays through November. I like looking for veggies that are not sold in the local market like multi-colored carrots and the many sizes shapes and colors of potatoes. Last year the corn on the cobs was so sweet and fresh that I ate it raw like a treat. 

white eggplant
Last Week's Activity
Wednesday - some walking
Thurs.- jog 3 miles
Fri. - 30 min dvd with weights
Sat. - jog 3 miles
Sun. - walking
Mon. - bike 30 min
Tues. - Workout on Total Gym in doctor's office

Bobism: "I always weigh myself in my head before I get on the scale to see if the scale gets it right because I know what I did"

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