Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Come See About Me

           Last week's WW meeting topic was about drinks and drinking smarter. I rarely go drinking. But when I do, I prefer to go to parties or clubs with dancing. Dancing is a wonderful way to earn activity points which you can cash in for a drink. Trickle down econimics , no?  My beverage plan goes like this.
Breakfast- coffee
am snack - water
Lunch - water
pm snack - water
Dinner- water w/sugar free flavor packet
           I know it sounds a little boring but I actually like water. I also taught my sons to like water since they were babies. My fridge is full of everyone's individual water bottles. When you open the fridge in my home, a bottle of water will reach out to greet you. We bring bottles of water to the movies and  to baseball games. I do occasionally drink diet soda. Soda tastes like a cocktail to me now. It is used as a treat. I do not drink fruit juice but I do eat fruit. What I need to learn how to add to my good health guidelines is some milk. I have fat free Lactaid milk in my fridge but I rarely remember to drink it. I use fat free milk to make oatmeal for breakfast most days but never pour myself a glass.
The infamous Bob

   We had out August 2012 5K Social Walk recently.This month's route was a straight line up and then down Park Avenue. The straight line was Bob's idea but it turned out to be an interesting one. I had no idea there was so much artwork on the median on Park Avenue. While gabbing away waiting for the light to change a gentleman stepped in between Tam and I. He politely offered his arm and said we were welcome to walk with him. But we told him he was welcome to walk with us for 3.1 miles. He thought we were kidding until we informed him that we do this every month. He applauded us but said there was no way he could walk that far.
golden beets
           This week at the farmers market I found golden beets. I cannot wait to try them.

This Week's Activity
Wed. - 40 min walk
Thurs. - 5K Social Walk
Fri. - 40 min walk
Sat. - jog/walk 42 mins
Sun - walk 1hr 14 min
Mon. - jog 54 min
Tues. - 45 min strength training

Bobism:When I get home at night and suddenly feel hungry, I tell myself that I don't need to eat. But then I talk back to myself.

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