Thursday, September 15, 2011

We Will Rock You

           So I am in Day 3 of the WW "Four Magic Days" quest. I have to admit I like it. Tuesday was the first day and I didn't even know it. But I had eaten on plan and decided that it was Day One.  But yesterday was Day 2. It was kind of rough. What made it rough was the realization that party time was over. I was not going to do "whatev", I had to do what is right. I did not pack lunch because I did not have a cucumber in the house. I am mortified by a salad that does not have  cucumber and lettuce in it. My reasoning is that lettuce and cucumbers are mostly water. You can use them to bulk up your salad and add the extras like protein, dressing and fruit to build up your tastes.
          Anywho, I chose to go to Subway which is a major advertiser on the Biggest Loser so how can I go wrong. I chose a six inch flatbread roastbeef sandwich with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, green pepper , olive and honey mustard. WW tracking says the sandwich is worth 8pts + I added 1pt for the tiny bit of olives the sandwich maker adds. On my way back to the office I purchased a bag of barbecue Pop Chips worth 3pts. But sitting right there at the register was one of favorites, Lindt chocolates. I purchased two pieces.  When snack time came around, I opened my desk drawer of fruit and grabbed a peach AND the chocolate. I was very busy and the emotional part of me felt like eating the chocolate. I took a pictures of the peach and the chocolates and sent it to my homies Tam and Cindy , asking which snack should I eat. They did not answer me. I took that as a bad sign and put the chocolates back in my drawer and ate the peach.
          I told this tale so that you would know what made me angry. Obviously I knew that I was trying to have "Four Magic Days" and that the chocolate was a very slippery slope for me. All I kept thinking was why can't I eat the chocolate. The answer was there all along Dorothy. Deep down inside , I knew. I knew that I had been making bad choices for some time now. I would have some good days and some not so good days but never four consistant days of goodness. I owe this to myself to stay on the path of righteousness and not eat the chocolate FOR NOW. After all, WW Points Plus program is not about depriving yourself of decadent things but learning how to fit them in properly. I had lost my way and I am trying to get it back. This is Day 3 and I actually feel good. I am not angry anymore.
       Part of the article regarding getting out of a slump was to have ONE GOAL. My one goal for right now is to eat on plan for one week. ONE WEEK. ONE GOAL.
       I picked up my number for the 4 mile event for this weekend. I am very nervous about not embarassing myself. But I think I would embarass myself more if I didn't try.

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  1. YES, GIRL!! YES!!!!!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

    I am so bummed I can't be there at the race this Saturday - I'll be working at Sotheby's all day. But if you guys want to come visit me at the Important Jewels viewing after the race, I'd love to see you guys!