Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Starting Over

         This week's meeting topic is called "the magic week".  But magic is an illusion. This week is about hard work. The work is harder for me because I have not been doing very well with the scale part of my journey. I know , I know. The number on the scale is not that important with one exception; when the number on the scale keeps creeping up instead of down. That is what has been happening to me the last few months. Back in April I was down 48lbs. THISCLOSE to 50lbs loss. But as of yesterday's weigh in I am only down 39lbs. This makes me feel kinda sad. I have to admit to all the things that I have done to bring myself to this point. What was I eating? How much was I eating? Was I eating for comfort? Was I tracking sporadically? 
           I became complacent and lazy with the plan. I thought that I didn't have to work as hard but apparently I need to work harder. Last year I was diligent about writing down everything I ate. I mean seriously, I would write it down right after I ate it. Now if I remember to do it every few days I'm lucky. My WW homies, Cindy and Tam, have developed a plan to take pictures of everything we eat and send it to each other. But that does not take away from tracking the old fashion way. I need to do basic tracking 101 too.
             Our leader Melanie outlined all of the things we need to do to follow the plan properly.
-Stick to your DPT(daily points target)
-Confirm your points plus values
-Portion correctly
-Choose power foods
-Follow the good health guidelines
-Treat yo yourself by using your 49pts bonus
-Be active
              Melanie has issued a dare. She is daring our group to do WW Points Plus Plan to a T for four days in a row. I did not realize that I was a slacker. But I am. I admit it. You know the moment when your teacher would say pop quiz and you know you did not study? It's time for me to put on my dunce cap and go back to the very beginning. A very good place to start.
              I was reading this zen website and it had a list of things to do to get your butt moving. Check the list and see if it could be helpful to you.
              I am working on a running event this weekend. It is a 4 mile run. I started training as much as I can but I have not been able to jog 4 miles straight. I realize now that I will have to walk quite a bit. I was jogging when I came home from work this evening and it felt like the hardest thing in the world just to jog 1.6miles. But I am going to keep it moving. It's not important that I run the fastest or that I run consistantly. I know I can walk four miles( especially thanks to Tam's 5K plus events). It's important that I just keep trying and that I finish.
Darren, me, Tam, Bob and Cindy

Looking up at Empire State Building

Chrysler Building

Grand Central Station at dusk

Finish Line;Cindy, Pete, Bob, Tam, me, Darren

and Jake
             Speaking of Tam's 5K Social Walk, we did do one on September1st. It was a small group but we had one new walker with us this time. My hubby Darren. We did a basic walk around the area so there's not alot of pictures.

Tues - all day - 6pts
Wed - all day + 30 min WW dvd - 6pts
Thurs - all day - 3pts
Fri - all day - 4pts
Sat. Jog/walk 4 miles - 7pts
Sun - 0pts
Mon - Jogged 1.6miles + all day - 6pts
TOTAL = 32pts
             My chiropractor, Dr. B. showed me how to do a kettlebell exercise in his office last week. It was using a 20lb kettlebell with two hands, swinging it between your legs and picking it up while popping out your core. I have to say it was a real experience. I was definitely working up a sweat . The downside was my inner thighs were really sore for three days straight. I am definitely going to try again. I like that my doctor is showing me how so that I do not hurt myself(in a bad way).

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