Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Simple Kind of Life

   This week's WW meeting topic is about busting through the plateau. I am not a master of this currently because I am having a huge plateau. This plateau is taking over my life. We all have them from time to time and we try many different things to bust through them. First of all , I have gained about 8lbs during this plateau. I have gained and lost anywhere from .2lbs to 1.2lbs. Although I have had a few psychotic breakdowns, tantrums and Sylvia Platt black wearing depressive moments, I have bounced back and tried to figure out a new path through the maze. Seriously folks, I am beginning to feel like the Wile E.Coyote vs the Roadrunner. So allow me to strap a rocket to my back and tell you some of my plateau busters.
1) The Joy of Tracking- I track therefore I track.A lot of people do not feel that tracking is a joy. When I first joined WW, I tracked like it was the cure for cancer. Later on, not so much. A lot of fellow WW that have been working the plan tend to flub tracking every now and then. Everyone has their own method. My friend Tam challenged me and Cindy to take pictures of what we eat. This has been interesting because it forces you to think about your choices when you know someone else is going to see it. We send these pictures anyway. I have been lax in tracking online, so this week I tracked online all week. And third, I purchased a brand new handy dandy notebook for journaling and written tracking.

2) Make some food changes. This week I stopped buying "the usual" breakfest of two egg whites on an english muffin. I bought instant Irish oatmeal packets and ate them with fresh blueberries. I also made myself a pretty salad the night before work so that there was no excuse to eat poorly. And my salads were banging. I was sad when I finished eating them.
3)Make a change in your exercise routine. I have been walking a lot more. I have to take advantage of the beautiful weather and use the streets of New York as my gym. I have been leaving home early enough to get off the bus 30-40 something blocks away from the office 3-4 days a week. I love having an early workout just in case I do not have enough energy at the end of my work day.  I also started jogging. It was only one day. But one day at a time is all it takes.
My WW homies Tam & Cindy

           I signed up for a 4 mile race/walk on September 17th with my friend Cindy who ran all of the 5Ks I had hoped to do this summer but limped  along. But now that I am doing better and have been building up my endurance and strength by walking as much as I can. So this Saturday I set my alarm clock to get up by 7am and I woke up before the alarm. This was a sign. I went out to the track and started out walking. I had those same doubts I had when I first started jogging last year. Everyone is looking at me. Look at the fat girl trying to run. Guess what Carin? Not everyone is looking at you. So I finally said, like Nike, just do it. I decided to run for a quarter of the track but when I got there alive, I decided to keep running. Eventually I jogged 1.6 miles. I felt a little worn so I walked for 1.4 miles but then I felt good enough to jog again and I jogged the rest of the way which was 1 mile. All together I did my 4 miler. If you add in the walk to the track and back , plus the trip I took to get breakfast for the guys at Mickey D's (you would be proud that I did not buy anything for myself), I ended up doing 5.67 miles first thing Saturday morning. I felt great and posted it on facebook. By the end of the day, I had 8.67 miles and 20,266 steps on my pedometer. I am still in pain five days later.
       One of the errands was my weekly trip to Farmers market. One of the newest things I purchased is pattypan squash. I have never cooked it before and I am not sure what to do with it. If you have any ideas, let me know. I found out that green tomatoes turn red if you don't use them fast enough.  I cooked only yellow veggies( carrots and corn off the cob) in a dish for a color presentation experiment.  I also chopped up eggplant and added it to spaghetti sauce since Jake refuses to eat salad. I am having childish fun going to the farmers market every Saturday.
my total bounty

pattypan squash

purple potatoes

yellow carrots

green peppers


corn on the cob

green tomatoes

donut peaches

what do I do with these?

Tues. all day - 6pts
Wed. Walking 30+ blocks plus all day - 10pts
Thurs. Interoffice moving + all day - 7pts
Fri. all day - 9pts
Sat. Walk/jog 4 miles + all day - 17pts
Sun - 0pts
Mon. Walking 40+ blocks plus all day - 10pts
TOTAL = 59pts

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