Wednesday, August 17, 2011

You Learn

            The last two weekends in a row I have been completely lazy. Usually I use the weekends to run around and get in as much activity as possible. I let the exhaustion of the busy work week get to me and hug my bed and catch up with my DVR.  But the lazy weekend did bring something else. I read the local times for my neighborhood and was reminded that we have a local farmers market on Saturdays through November.

             After a The View marathon, I put on some clothes, grabbed my mini shopping cart and camera and hit the road. There were quite a few neighbors out there. The very first thing I saw was a guy unloading tons of corn on the cob, which I love. There was even a receptacle for corn husks so that you can peel right there (this saves on a garbage can full of husks at home). Everyone was talking about the corn and how good it was. There was even an elderly woman sitting on a crate eating it raw. She exclaimed " this corn is so sweet you can eat it like this". I had never eaten raw corn before, so I made a mental note to have some when I got home.

           Right after my devotion to corn, I looked to see what other things they had that I do not buy regularly at the supermarket. I found shallots, purple carrots, beets and skinny eggplants.  Next I wandered over to the fruit section and I saw something I never saw before. Small green plums. I asked the seller what they taste like because I imagined that they would be tart. He advised me that the softer ones are sweet. I also purchased some apricots( yuck!), and beautifully huge red delicious apples.
           I took my booty home and rinsed everything off. I had a straw basket that I decided to use as a mini pantry. I also cook the beets right away. I am the only one in my house that likes beets. All I use to boiled beets is water, salt, black pepper and garlic powder. As a tip, when you buy carrots in different color, cook them separately. Purple carrots dye orange, white and yellow carrots purple. I also chopped some veggies up so that I can grab them to add to dishes. You could put them in ziplocs in the fridge.

         I had so much fun with my veggies. One night while the kids were out, I made whole wheat pasta with sauteed shallots, skinny eggplant, grape tomatoes, crushed garlic, olives and olive oil. I cannot get Jake and Josh to eat everything but hubby and I enjoyed it. I also added sardines which grossed out my homies (sorry Tam and Cindy).  Josh and I did sample raw corn on the cob for lunch. It was so sweet that it could have been a dessert. I went back to the farmers market this past weekend and found donut peaches. My friend Tam swears by them but I never see them in the store. They are so delicious and just the right size when you feel like something sweet to eat .This week I picked up yellow and orange carrots and more shallots.

         Ironically, this week's topic is about going meatless(or as it's known in my house as going rougue). Yes, the menfolk like of the meat. Once and a while I slip in a little meatless pasta but they turn into zombies later and forage for leftover meat parts in the fridge. Going vegetarian is a good way to lighten your food intake but it's not for everyone.  I gained a little bit this week; .8lbs.
Tues. walk 30+ blocks to work + all day - 7pts
Wed. all day - 6pts
Thurs. walk 30+ blocks + all day - 9 pts
Fri. all day - 8pts
Sat. errands - 1pt
Sun. 0pt
Mon. walk 30+ blocks + all day - 8pts
         I am still a work in progress. I purchsed a new notebook this week. I usually use the ultimate 3 month tracker from WW but I think I need to log a lot more.

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