Saturday, June 11, 2011

Walk Like An Egyptian Part One

             No, I didn't forget about the Tuesday Night Happy Hour Monthly 5K. This month's 5K took place on June 2nd and I think it was one of the best one's yet. Tam picked one of the best routes yet. Last month we ventured into Central Park territory for the first time and liked it. So this month we went through Central Park. and saw some really beautiful sites and I'd like to show some to you all.
the start line;Grace,me,Pete,Condy,Bob,Melanie,Tam,Steve

and Nina too

top of the Plaza Hotel
            Our start line was 58th Street and Fifth Avenue. I walked from my office for 18 blocks only to find out that our organizer Tam to the train. Way to go Tam.  It was a super windy corner. Luckily for us, two of officers were kind enough to take our start line pictures. Then we crossed a few streets and entered Central Park. If you enter Central Park around 6oth Street and Fifth Avenue, you will see the most beautiful view of a lake.

rocky trail

Central Park West skyline

          Suddenly in the middle of our walk, we were lost.
we should go this way

no,let's go that way

which way should we go
              We were looking for the carousel, but when we arrived. it was closed.

sorry Pete, the carousel's closed
           We looked for Tavern on the Green too, but it was closed.

      Then Tam took us to the surprise destination. Lincoln Center.

Coming soon, more pics from the June 5K.

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