Thursday, June 9, 2011

Baby Can You Stop The Rain

              So it's another rainy evening in New York. I am so over the rain. Jake's little league game was called on account of rain. I feel so sorry for him because tonight's game was a make up game for another rain day.  I am working on my recommitment to my weight loss journey. I never stopped being on the journey but I did delay it a little. Sometimes you get lost on the way. Then you dig out your trusty map and try to get back on course. After this week's Tuesday Night Happy Hour meeting, me and a few of my WW homies stayed behind for a "getting started" meeting. This is for the newbies to learn how to work the program. As it turns out, some of us "not so newbies" to need to get started again.
              We reviewed the importance of power foods and good health guidelines. I have been on many different diets before but this time on WW I learn more about the importance of balance. Part of this balance are the Good Health Guidelines. This consists of all the things that will help you on your way to a better body all around. It's cool to be thin but in the long run it is far better to be healthy. Let's start with food.
1)you should eat five servings of fruits and veggies every day. For example, today I ate two oranges with my breakfast, for lunch I had asparagus and a golden apple with my pasta.  For dinner I ate a baked sweet potato and cabbage. Later I will have a banana. It's easy to add up to at least five servings if you add some to every meal.
2) whenever possible go for the whole grains. When I started my journey I had an me vs them theory with my family. It was exhausting both my time and money. I switched my family to whole grain bread, whole grain pasta and brown rice. Yes it tastes a little different at first but that's because you're addicted to the white stuff. There is nothing wrong with white stuff but today's products have changed and they are tasty. Give them a try .
3)Take a multivitamin. Your body needs the extra help to process you intake and to keep you in balance for all the fun activities you do.
4) drink plenty of water but beware the times that you drink it. It can keep you running back and forth to the bathroom.
5) try to be active. A little at a time at first.Rome was not built in a day.
my bike Pinky Tuscadero

           I believe in being active whenever possible. I am currently on an activity slow down due to my sprained ankle. But my doctor said that I could try biking. I have never been so happy to hear that biking should be okay for me to do right now because I am beginning to get cabin fever. I also like to include Jake in the biking because it's easy for children to have less activity during the school year so. He loves his bike as much as I love mine and he loves the time he gets to spend doing bike adventures with Mom. Yesterday, was my work from home day and Jake had baseball practice at six o'clock pm. So we got our bikes out to ride to the field. Due to the new laws in New York, adults have to ride in the street. So Jake rides on the sidewalk and I ride close to the curb so that I can keep and eye on him as well as learn to tolerate riding with traffic. I have to tell you that I get a little nervous with the buses and trucks. Yesterday a truck stayed on my tail almost the whole ride to the field. He was probably more nervous about hitting me than I was about staying out of his way.
         When we arrived at the field, Jake started practicing with the team and I decided to explore the bike path near the field. I don't know exactly how long it was. I am guessing about a mile. I rode around it ten times. It was wonderful. My legs were peddling away. It felt so great. Please take a look.

the Pehlam Bay

the year of my birth

me pumping my legs

this sign indicates the bike path

Jake practicing with the team

After my laps around the bike path I took time out to take pictures of Jake and his team mates practicing. I also took time out to drink a bottle of water and have my snack; an orange. How's that for power foods. After a late practice, Jake and I took our ride back home before it gets too dark. I need to invest in so bike reflectors now that I am out in the traffic. All in all it  was a good day.

my healthy snack; one orange and a bottle of water. yes that is my recycled Brother Jimmy's BBQ container.

Jake rides with his baseball gear on his back

the winding road home

more leg pumping

eek! traffic

riding while keeping an eye on Jake

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