Thursday, July 25, 2013

I'll Have The Salad

           This week's Weight Watchers topic is about building a salad. I happen to love salad. I actually enjoy assembling my lunch salads to take to work. Salads can contain many things. Back in the day I remember going to a salad bar (hungry, of course) and putting so many things in my container only to find out I have a ten to fifteen dollar salad.  No more of that. There are a couple of things I learned by being a WW;
1) Make it yourself. You know what is in your salad because you assembled it. I ordered a salad in a restaurant while with friends. I asked to have the dressing on the side. I did receive a container of dressing but my friends kept commenting on the fact that my salad was glistening. This lead everyone to believe that the preparer added dressing to my salad. I did not enjoy it because I kept wondering if my salad was doing the backstroke.
2)I cannot speak for everywhere else in the world but in New York City, salad is expensive. I save money by bringing my little salad most days.
3) Eat what you like. You do not need to add a lot of fattening and points plus heavy add-ons to your salad. It should be pleasing to YOUR eyes and YOUR palate. Who cares if your friend does not like it.
        I have main staples to my salad; iceberg lettuce (even though others look down their noses at it , I like the taste of iceberg lettuce), cucumbers and red onions. To these I add a protein. The protein of the week for me is black beans. I like using the same protein several days in a row. It saves me confusion while preparing. There is no mystery. I like to have dressing. A friend of mine was kind enough to give me recycled dressing containers and I measured what they held as two tablespoons. My dressing of the past few weeks is Wishbone Light Buffalo Ranch dressing (2pts). It has the decadence of ranch and the spicy goodness of a burrito. It kicks my salad up a notch.
The same thing that is in a sandwich is on a salad. Bread is worth 2 points plus. So as long as I am willing to use utensils, I save 4 points.

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