Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Let's Get Serious

              I am always talking about running in my blogs lately (and probably always will). But I will take a step back from that today for a good reason. I need to say that running is not everything. Clutch my pearls, I cannot believe I just typed that statement.  The truth is while running is a fabulously fun, meditative, power driven, strength building exercise, there are other things I should be doing with this body I am trying to whip into shape. In my struggle for running power and glory, I neglected to cross train. I stopped riding my bike (forgive me Sheryl), lifting weights, using DVDs for aerobics and yoga.
               I have written in previous blogs about my visits to Dr. B.'s office on Tuesday. He is my chiropractor and in his office we practice wellness care. I keep him up to date on all my activities, eating habit and challenges. I also ask his advice when I feel injured and about how to treat myself so that I can heal and get back to running. I used to see Dr. B. right before Tuesday Night Happy Hour Weight Watchers meetings with Melanie the great. I used to run in, get therapy and run to my weigh-in. But a funny thing happen after Tuesday Night Happy Hour became Wednesday Night Happy Hour(s). I was no longer in a rush to leave and Dr. B. asked me if I wanted to workout on the Total Gym machine in his office.
               I had no idea what to do with this machine. The extent of my workouts are cardio and free weights. So he started me on a few easier ( okay maybe not so easy) exercises. I started out just doing what I could and then eventually added on more repetitions and other workouts. Today I had a super workout.  I went straight to work on the routine he planned for me. I was able to push myself with few breaks in between and when I was finished I felt like I had a truly good workout. Here is my workout prescribed by Dr. B.;
3 sets of 12- upright rows
3 sets of 12- seated rows
3 sets of 12 - dip position leg lifts
3 sets of 12 - military press
3 sets of 12 - jack knifes
3 sets of 12- overhead triceps curls with 10lb weight
3 sets of 12 - front lifts with 20lb kettle bell
3 sets of 20 - knees together squats with biceps curls using two 7lb weights
3 sets of 20 - knees outward squats with chest presses using two 7lb weights
3 sets of  planks ( aiming for 40 seconds but right now I can only do 12-15 seconds)

I have another WW profit from Wednesday Night Happy Hour meeting named Joey. He has been coming up with some sayings that definitely resonate the spirit of WW meetings.

Eat right, exercise more and share my experiences VS Eat poorly, not exercise and keep it to myself.

If you're gonna leave, walking outside is good.

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