Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do

            This week's meeting topic was about setbacks and our perception of them. It is so true that as a weight watcher, we tend to use the word bad alot. I ate so many bad things. I had a bad weigh-in on the scale. But maybe we need to change from the feeling of bad. For starters, we are human beings and we have faults. Something happens when we attach the word "bad" to it. By making it bad you made it stronger than it should be. And instead of moving on, you are almost tempted to live up to it.You ate too much on Saturday, so you keep on doing it on Sunday. What you become bad at in the end is forgiving yourself for being human. I am definitely guilty of that. What we should do is focus on the things we can do very well.
            On the weight loss journey, I realize quite a few things about myself.
-I know which foods work better for me and which do not.
-I know that I can walk for miles and sometimes run them.
-I know that I can track the foods that I eat instead of blindly gobbling them.
-I know that laying around everyday is not good for my body.
-I know that some desserts are the same amount of points for a whole meal.
-I know that eating too much of a good tasting thing does not bring me joy but provides a tummy ache and massive guilt.
            This week the feedback from the scale said that I am doing better than I have been. I was able to get rid of last week's gain and a little more. I do not want to say how much but it was significant. It encouraged me to keep going in the right direction. And for the days after, I made good choices.
With one more week to go before the first 5K of the season, I got back on the running track. I was doing plenty of walking but avoiding the run. Why you ask? Well for one thing, my last two runs were frustrating. I experienced some aching in my lower right back and pain in my left heel. I went to the podiatrist petrified that I was having a heel spur again or worst; the dreaded sprained ankle. But my podiatrist told me that the muscles in my calves are so tight right now from running that they are putting a strain on my heel . He said that I need to stretch more and he's going to keep a close eye on me. I imagined all the times that I wished that my calves would stop jiggling and now I have tight calves. How about that!
             I took my tight calves for a run and they made it. I was able to run 2.4 miles. It was such a good feeling. Of course I'm mad sore but that's part of the course. When I started running I just kept saying to myself "just keep running until you can't run anymore". I felt so great that I went to the store after to pick up ingredients to cook dinner. Earlier I was planning to order Chinese food but with my runners high I was happy to cook my own food. Last week I could not imagine I would ever feel that runners high again. But I did.
            Today I went grocery shopping and other store errands. I do not drive so I get to walk for miles. When I got home my old man reminded me that I forgot the cat litter so I said let's go to the store and get it. In the end I wound up walking six and a half miles. Not too shabby for one day.While we were in Kmart on line, I saw a Snickers peanut butter bar that I had to try a couple of weeks ago when I had no resolve.  I told my hubby "ooh. there's the Snickers peanut butter bar from before" ( yes I was a little bit hungry). He looked at me and said "look away". And I did.

"I'm not bad, I'm Bob"

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