Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wishing and Hoping

       The definition of renewal is to make new or as if new again. Another definition is to take up again. I am renewing my resolve as a Weight Watcher. I have been driving myself crazy trying to figure out what I did wrong last year but I see now that I may never figure out exactly what went wrong. What I do know is that today is a new day to get it right. It is a tradition in January for people to make resolutions about what they are going to do . I used to feel bad if I broke my resolution and then go about destroying the progress that I did make. Make sense? It something that happens. I stopped having the New Year's resolution years ago so that I would not screw it up. I decided that I would do what I can, the best that I can. Just try to do be or be better in little ways.
       So I put on my thinking cap. What can I do better? First of all I can track. I did not track the last two weeks in December. I know better. I may not lose weight every week but I almost always gain when I stop tracking regularly. I tracked everything on Monday, January 2nd and I have tracked everyday ever since.  I even pre-tracked a couple of days.
     On Wednesday, I got off the bus almost two miles from work. I did this on Thursday and Friday as well. Getting in some form of working out several days a week is non-negotiable.  I agreed to a challenge with Cindy to try to do forty miles in the month of January. I even created a spreadsheet to log my activity and mileage everyday and as of tonight I clocked 35.97 miles so far.
       I registered for the first formal 5K of the year in March with my WW homies Cindy and Tam. In anticipation, I threw myself out of bed early to train on Saturday morning. I ran 2.39 miles in 38 minutes which is not bad since I have not been jogging lately. And oh yes I am sore. I still walked for miles later that day running errands clocking 16,108 steps on my pedometer.
       I spent my resting time reading all of the Fitness magazines I have been neglecting. I still have plenty more to read. I also read some success stories on the E-Tools website. These tools have been encouraging me to get back in the game. They also provided me with alternative food ideas.  I also asked my hubby to take a picture of me in bike shorts and tank top so that I can log my progress going forward.

        I purchased the new Power Foods cookbook and made one of the recipes. It was the Chipotle-Roasted Drumsticks with Succotash Salsa (my family  did not like losing the feeling in their mouths- we will not be using the other can of chipotle in adobo sauce). However I loved the succotash salsa which was very easy to make and used it as a side dish for fish on another night.

Chipotle roasted drumsticks with succotash salsa

       Last meeting I gained 1.8lbs. There is always the chance that the scale will not reflect the good week that I feel I've been having. I will not know until Tuesday. But I feel euphoric and even a little hyper.  So this renewal for my love for the program has been good for me.

Bobism: It's simple. Don't eat that, eat this. Move!

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  1. Sounds like you are off to a good start! Have a great week.