Monday, November 28, 2011


            I realize that I am about to date myself but I loved the movie "Flashdance". One of my favorite scenes is the workout scene that the heroine does alone to the song "Maniac". Alex comes home from work, throws on her workout clothes and sweats to death. This is in addition to riding her bike to and from work and dancing her butt off at a night club at night.
           Well, I don't do all those things but I do take a certain amount of satisfaction at working up at sweat. When I was not working out as much, I was feeling tired and run down. Now that I have been challenging myself to get in workouts again, I feel better. I have been doing some strength training and walking a little extra. I feel my muscles becoming toned. I have a little extra energy. I feel a little more upbeat. And just like the character of Alex, my cats love to watch me sweat.
            I am not a ballerina or a stripper. I am just an ordinary 45 year old woman with a weight problem. I am just trying to rev up my metabolism since it has decided to slow down to a crawl. I think it's actually working. I lost another pound last week. I am proud of that one pound. I put effort into it.      
           These days in WW meetings we talk about how to get through the holidays. We all have our issues about holidays. Mine is the stress of getting everything ready. The money, the shopping and the parties are way too much.  So here are some things you need to help you in your ...
-Mental rehearsing
-Positive self talk
-Ask for help
-Take care of yourself
-Manage your thoughts
             The weather has been going up and down lately. It warm in the 60's some days and then in the 40's on others. I love it when it sunny and I feel like skipping down the street. But when it's yucky outside, I want to cuddle up and watch television. I like to walk and jog but they seem like things you should do when it warm out. I think that I need to reframing. I need to get out there and do the best that I can. My son Jake and I have been taking walks together on most of my days home. On Saturday and Sunday we can do it in the afternoon but on my work from home day, we wait until 5pm. Last Monday we were about a quarter of a mile from home when it started raining. I asked Jake if he wanted to go back home and he said no. I proceeded to warn him that we would be far away from home if it started raining harder and that it would be too late to go back. Jake held his ground and said that we should keep walking. Who was this brave little guy who scoffed at a few raindrops? I was so proud of him and a little ashamed of myself. Why you say? It's because I would have turned around and went back home. We both had on jackets with hoods. We were never going to be more that three miles from home. After my shame dissipated and I found myself with raindrops on my face, I realized that I needed to reframe my situation. I am not sugar, so I am not going to melt.
Bobism:  "There's no bad weather; just bad clothes"

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