Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rainy Days and Mondays

           This last week was a little different. I was on vacation on Friday, Monday and Tuesday. Usually vacations are a time for me to do a lot of things but this vacation I was lazy. First of all I was stiff. I tried to leap back into my normal exercise routine. I did a pretty good job of this. I went to the gym on Tuesday and Wednesday early in the morning after jogging on Monday evening. But I think I left out an important step. A rest day. Everyone has to pick and choose what or when to rest. Sunday is usually my day. I was aching pretty bad. The back of my thighs were sore no matter what I did. On Thursday I decided not to work out and give myself a break. After all, I was going to be off for four days in a row. Then there was the constant rain. It just keeps on raining. Soggy weather not only eliminates outdoor fun but makes you want to snuggle in bed and watch television.

what are the chances of a restaurant with Jake's name
            I was disappointed when I didn't go jogging on Friday morning. I forgave myself and told the boys that we were taking a trip to the Museum of Natural History.Once we got out of the train we were told to get on a line; the end of which reached the stairs back onto the street. We gave waiting on line a shot, even taking pictures of the murals painted in the subway station. But after twenty minutes of barely moving, I realized I it was going to be an extremely long wait and once inside loads of people. Apparently half of New York City decided to go at the same time. So I offered the boys a chance to go to lunch. We rarely ever dine out because it's a little expensive but a day out with my guys is worth it.  So where do you take two of the best brothers in the world? Why Brother Jimmy's BBQ!

  I can resist everything except temptation
~Oscar Wilde~

soda pop obsession

           We had a blast in Brother Jimmy's BBQ. Since it was a treat I decided to have some fun. Josh and I ordered light beers. We all had burgers. Josh and I had sweet potato fries and Jake had regular ones. I also shared a cole slaw side with Josh and Jake gave me his lettuce, tomato and pickles. Jake is not used to eating out so he insisted that he be allowed to order macaroni and cheese assuring me that he could eat it all. He didn't. He became so fascinated with the bottle of authentic orange soda pop that he only ate french fries. Guess what he had for lunch the next day? After taht we took a walk around the neighborhood and the guys were patient while I walked around Knitty City. This is a very cute yarn shop/community. Of course with its chic address comes expensive yarn. I could drool but not buy.
           Saturday it rained taking away Jake's hopes for a little league game. After my day out with the guys, suddenly I didn't want to do a thing. My legs finally stopped aching on Saturday.  I spent the day on the bed knitting and crocheting. I even nagged my hubby in to getting me a ride to the Michaels. A friend gave me a ride to the yarn craft store to get more supplies( as if I used all the other ones yet). I satyed on the bed Sunday and Monday instead of going out to play.
             The last day of vacation was Tuesday. Normally I go to the chiropractor's office where I receive a massage and life lessons from fellow patients.After that I go to Tuesday Night Happy Hour otherwise known as Melanie's Weight Watchers meeting. But I heard Jake telling my sister how I was not going to be at his little league game because of my Tuesday evening obligations. When it turned out to be such a beautiful warm and sunny day, I knew I needed to go to the game. Jake told me that he really loves playing first base. I tagged one player out. He looked so adorable catching a ball while keeping one foot on base. I am so glad I went.

Tues. 32 mins treadmill, 30 mins bike + all day = 11pts
Wed. 30 mins treadmill, 5 mins stair climber, bike 25 mins + all day = 10pts
Thurs. all day = 1pt
Fri. all day = 4pts
Sat. all day = 1pt
Sun. all day = 0pt
Mon. all day = 0pt

2,724.24miles - 20.24miles = 2,704 miles to go

   I will leave you all with a couple of quips from Jake The Food Critic. On Sunday Jake asked me what was for dinner. I told him spaghetti with salmon. Jake said "hmmm, spaghetti with salmon, very interesting". On Tuesday I decided to make pancakes for breakfast. When Jake came into the kitchen just as his plate was ready he said "what are you doing?" I'm making pancakes, I answered. "It's not Sunday." No, it's not Sunday but I thought I would make a special breakfast, I replied. "No, I don't want it. I want my frozen breakfast sandwich"

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