Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Change Is Gonna Come

      I have been away from the blog for a couple of weeks. There has been a lot going on in my life.When I last checked in, I was getting into using the gym. I have been trying to go to the gym a few days a week. It still feels a little strange being in one. I like the gym that I picked. It six blocks away from my job and open at the crack of dawn. But every time I walk in there, I feel a little weird. Kinda like I don't belong. I have to do some positive self talk to convince myself that I belong there. I paid my fee. I want to change my life for the better. I want to make it known that I belong there. I also need for everyone to know that I know what it feels like going to a place where everyone looks amazing. For instance, there's the treadmill. Most people are jogging on the treadmill. I am still in 'oh man, I'm going to fall off this thing any minute' mode.I like being on the treadmill because I love love love walking.  The other machine I am getting to know is the stair climber. I already know how to climb stairs (and I have not climbed the stairs in my building for a while) but this machine totally busts my butt.
          The other machine I have been using is the the exercise bike. I like to try to do as much as I kind in the time I am allowed. I find myself pedaling really fast. I feel accomplished  doing that and I have missed bike riding. All of this is worth every ache and pain I feel. I walk on the treadmill  for 30 minutes and then ride the bike for 30 minutes or use the stair climber for 10-20 minutes and then the bike for 10 -20 minutes. I am slowly becoming brave enough to let go of the handles on the treadmill. A few times I had the speed high enough to almost jog, but I'm sorry, I'm still chicken. The good part about joining the gym is that I gained more activity points.Awesome!
            Another awesome activity was our monthly 5K on April 7. Mother Nature is still not cooperating, so we were a little cold. But it was still a fun 5K. Tam took us on a new route around midtown Manhattan ending at Grand Central Station. I even met a new WW friend who is a hard core knitter. And Cindy's boyfriend Pete joined us. After the 5K, Pete, Cindy, Tam and I went to a pub where I indulged in a juicy turkey burger and fries. Yummy!

           On Saturday and Sunday we went to Jake's first official baseball games. That's right folks, Lake is officially a little leaguer for the first time ever. It doesn't stop him from playing baseball in the apartment. Jake is so proud of being on a team. Early in the morning before Jake's game, I got up and went to the track. I managed to jog all four laps which I had not been able to do. And I beat myself previous time with 51.59 minutes.
Last week's Activity
Tues. 20 mins stair climber+ 42 mins treadmill + all day = 18,211 steps= 13pts
Wed. rest day= 1pt
Thurs. 10 mins on bike + 41 mins treadmill + all day + 5K= 24,920 steps= 18pts
Fri.41 mins treadmill + 10 mins bike+ leg weights + all day = 6pts
Sat. for got to record mileage= 0pts
Sun. 4 laps(5K) jogging + all day = 22,974 steps= 17pts
Mon. all day = 2pts
Total pts= 57pts
      My world went a little upside down on Monday. My Mommy passed away. She had been in the hospital for a very long time. Mommy managed to survive losing my Dad to advanced liver cancer in 1973. She had multiple sclerosis for almost 40 years. She survived double pneumonia, breast cancer mastectomy and a thyroid condition which had to be treated with radiation. She survived emergency open heart surgery due to a tear in her aortic valve which left her bedridden for the last two years. Finally renal failure, anemia and infections took her away. I want to believe that she is in a place she is young and healthy and with my dad.
      During the week, I was home from work, making preparations with my sister for my mom's homegoing. Feeling shock and having so many important tasks to complete, I could have easily shoved food in my mouth to comfort me. That is what food has been to me for a large part of my life. But I honestly have to say that some of the WW plan must be at home in my brain. I ate breakfast. I only ate when I was hungry. I did not work out. But this is my life now. Sure there will be falling of the wagon or the occasional binge but for once when something so profound happened in my life, I did not numb it with food. I used food to feed me.
        The wonderful thing is that life goes on. I took Jake to little league practice during the week. And on Monday, one week after my mom died, on my first day back to work, I came home and jogged two laps around the track earning myself 5pts and timing 1.64 mile at 25.42 mins. This week I lost one pound. I now weigh 229.4lbs. I'm back in the 220's!

last 2,771.84 - 47.6 (in 2 wks) = 2,724.24 miles to go

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  1. So sorry about your mom but hopefully she will be at peace now. Enjoy your blog.