Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Magic Number

          This week's meeting topic was about Non-Scale Victories; also known as NSV. These are EXTREMELY important in a Weight Watchers journey. The reason is when you're on a diet you count on the scale to tell you if you are doing all right. But when you are making a lifestyle change, the scale does not always provide the type momentum you need to encourage you. Sure the scale is an important factor. But, you should look to other things for encouragement. I am guilty of letting the scale get me down from time to time, especially after a week full of activity. I think that the scale means the most. I drive my hubby crazy when I have a gain or a low loss. But he is kind enough to talk me of the ledge and remind me of all the things that I have done. He is not the only one. I have a wonderful support system with my WW homies. I need to get my fix from the non-scale victories of my journey.
-I can walk for miles without collapsing.
-My clothes are loose.
-I can ride my bike, Pinky Tuscadero for miles.
-I can climb multiple flights of stairs.
-My co-workers notice and compliment my change.
-I am aware and make better food choices (most of the time).
         These are all great NSV's. Whenever you're feeling down about the amount of the scale, take a little time to write down and then say out loud all of your non-scale victories. And then pat yourself on the back.
           I have been trying to up the ante of my exercise these days.  One of the first challenges I gave myself was to extend the length of my morning walk to work. While getting ready for my first walking 5K last Spring, I started getting off the bus one stop further. When I first started WW, I used walk 20 blocks to the office. So I added to this amount and started to walk for 33 blocks. This week I kicked it up a notch and walked 46 blocks. It felt great. I was a little apprehensive when it was time to jumped off the bus but 46 blocks went by pretty quickly. When the weather cooperates I will turn this into a regular routine a few mornings a week. I like the idea of knowing that a big workout has been completed before my work day plus the adrenaline rush puts you in a good mood.
          On my "work from home" day, my son Jake and I went for a quick bike ride before dark. I missed riding my bike and it had been a few months. It was an extremely windy afternoon. The gusts of wind were so powerful the we were being blown off the track, but I kept on peddling. When the wind was against me, it made peddling a struggle. I kept right on peddling. It took 45 minutes but I was able to do six laps. When we got home, I told Jake we were not finished yet. It was stair climbing day. We climbed up and down 50 flights of stairs. My knees cracked the whole way. This was a challenge because I did not believe I would be able to climb stairs, but I did it.

         Saturday was the real challenge. I am getting nervous because I have not been training for the running 5K on April 2nd. The best access to the track for me are on the weekends. After breakfast, I pulled out all of the Fitness Magazines and read them to encourage me to get my running clothes on and get out to the track. Seriously it took those magazines to get me outside. Once outside I had to keep pushing myself the whole way around the track. My track measures .82 mile. It would take four laps to complete a 5K. The first lap was great but somewhere in the middle of the second lap I started to feel burnout. I had to pull out my Tools For Living; Positive Self Talking. First I thought I have run this plenty of times before. During a heatwave with ten or more pounds still attached to me. I had to remind myself that my friends Cindy and Tamra would be disappointed because we plan to run the 5K together. Surely I could not let them down. I heard Sheryl and Melanie's voices and told myself "the only thing stopping me is me". All of this self talk went through my entire run, even while listening to music. But that's what it took to complete four laps totaling 3.35 miles. Jake ran one lap with me. After the one lap he informed me that he had enough and now that he has his own house key, he was going home. I thanked him and asked him to take a couple of pictures of me before he left.
This week's activity
Tues.-  Walk 33 blocks to office =4pts + all day = 4pts
Wed. -ride bike for 45 mins= 5pts + climb stairs= 2pts
Thurs. - all day = 2pts + 30mins WW walk dvd w/ 3lbs weights= 3pts
Fri. - Walk 46 blocks to office= 5pts
Sat. - Jogged 3.35 miles = 6pts
Sun- rest day
Mon. - all day= 2pts + 30 mins WW walk dvd w/3lbs weights= 3pts
Total Activity Points for Week = 36 pts


  Although it does not count as this week's activity, today was our first WW monthly walking 5K. My WW homies did a walking 5K every month until the New York winter kicked in. It was freezing cold today but we struggled through anyway.In addition to getting in more exercise, this is also a way to network with one another about our journey with WW and get tips and advice on dealing with different situations. I was talking to our friend Bob whose favorite exercise is walking. He has created a challenge for himself that not only is he tracking his daily mileage for activity purposes, but he is adding his mileage together as though he is walking from New York to San Fransisco. I was so excited by Bob's idea that I let him know there and then that I am going to borrow his challenge for myself. But Bob, I've decided to walk to Seattle instead.  I looked up the mileage from Bronx, New York to Seattle and came up with 2,863 miles. I should reach Seattle by retirement. But until then, today's mileage on my pedometer was 6.97 miles (3.58 miles belongs to the map stylings of Tamra who mapped out our course for this eveing. I did not take many pictures (I think my hands were cold,but  here is tonight's group Tam, Cindy, me, Amanda, Steve, Elise and Bob.

In the beginning

The finish line
       This week's scale victory was a 1.6lbs loss. My total loss is 46.6 pounds. I now weigh 231lbs. Almost out of the 230's. Let's cross our fingers. This week I am going to pay close attention to my intake( there is a possibility that I am not taking in enough points), train for the running 5K and keep walking to Seattle. I hope you all have a good week.


  1. Love, love, love it! Keep up the Excellent Work -- you're almost there!

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