Friday, November 26, 2010

Bronx Side Story

          Since last week's blog I have been feeling very lazy. I remember working out on Thursday, but after that was this crazy little haze of a lost weekend. Not drinking, not bingeing, Not exercising! One of the downsides to an extremely active week is that it takes my 44 year old body a minute to recover. I need not have injuries or anything. It was combination of things.
1) The exhaustion of work- it's been really busy .
2) Holding out for vacation a little too long. I'm talking about seven whole days no traveling.
3) TOM and medications used to treat it.
4) Hesitation
    I'm sure everyone gets work burnout sometimes so there is no real explaination needed there. Holding out on vacation is different. I am not talking about the kind of vacation where you go on a trip. That is really out of my family's budget right now. I am talking about taking time off to DO NOTHING. Days where I don't leave my home in the dark and return home in the dark. Days where I can walk Jake to school and pick him up. This simple task really makes Jake happy and seeing him happy makes me happy. One day I picked him up from school and he wanted to go the the strategically placed ice cream truck parked conveniently outside Educational Park. I did not bring money with me to pick him up ( We practically live next door to the school) and told him so. He said that he had a dollar and I asked him "what can you buy for $1". He replied that he would buy and Itailian ice cup. So we waited on line longer than I wanted to when suddenly Jake changed his mind. He said he was not buying the cup ice but that he would buy a twizzler( popsicle with a few colors). He asked me if I knew why . And I asked why. He said because two come in the package and that he could give one to me. So we walked back from school munching on popsicles.

       From the moment I got home on Friday, I was in my bed. I only got up to cook- Jake must have his three squares. Mother Nature provided beautiful weather this weekend but I did not take advantage of it. I din't do laps or ride my bike. I caught up on all the shows on my DVR. On Sunday I found one of my favorite movies, West Side Story, on my DVR. I sat up at the foot of my bed and started snapping my fingers. [Sidebar: When I was little my mom had the album. I never saw the movies but I memorized the album and performed it often in my living room; singing and dancing. By the time they showed the movie on television I was singing along with the cast. I was fascinated with the choreography. To me, there was nothing more beautiful in life. I made sure that I was front and center when the movie played every Academy Award Sunday]. Fast forward thirty years later, I found myself doing the the opening ballet, twirling, kicking up my legs and doing kicks in my night gown in my bedroom. I found my hubby, then Josh, then Jake( who said I looked like I was a ballerina) and even the cat.

For the record, the cat stayed the longest. I am quite sure she thought I was hysterical. A funny thing happened while I performed all the musical numbers ( I fast-forwarded to them). I was really breaking a sweat. That was the only exercise I got all weekend. Sometimes just dancing around really is a workout. LOL.
          Hestitaion came every time I thought about exercising, I said I would do it later or tomorrow. I did not give myself the positive talk about just doing it.I had headaches and backaches and the "Poor Little Old Me's" also known as the PLOMS. I got that from my former meeting leader. I had never heard the phrase but I found there are times where to feel listless and you're not sure why. It's the PLOMS.  The good thing about them is that they will go away; not unlike the common cold. Hesitation is one of the side effects.
          TOM cannot be helped. It's biological. I tried a new over the counter drug Excedrine Complete, which worked well except for one thing. It should not be taken in the evening if you are an insomniac like me. Excedrine's ingredient is caffeine. I was awake until three and four in the morning for a couple of nights.
           So there you have it. My lost weekend or vacation or whatever. I did not go to my meeting this week but I did constantly weigh myself at home . I also stuck to eating properly and not binge. That does not mean that I did not have snacks but laying in bed trying to rest did not bring out the need. I ate three meals a day and tried to reach for fruit if I was craving. Hopefully when I go to my meeting this Tuesday the scale will be kind. I leave you with the sunset view outside my bedroom window with a few of the sky. Of course the sky is pink. It is me after all.

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  1. Carin, I love your pics and think that is such a creative/fun workout! Good for you! Oh, and I love your cat pics, mid-meow. I'm sure she enjoyed the entertainment!