Wednesday, November 17, 2010

5k's And Yoga And Biking, Oh My

          I did not post last week because I have been a little busy lately. I had to miss last Tuesday's meeting because of the first parent/teacher conference for Jacob. I was disappointed because it fell on a Tuesday, which in my world means "Mom's day off". But since I am not the the morning drop off parent, it is important to meet Jake's new teacher. He is doing okay in school. As you may remember 5th grade is kind of hard. I do not have to remember thanks to the joys of 5th grade homework.

                        I felt a little out of sorts because I did know get weighed-in on Tuesday. I did weigh myself on my scale at home but that is not the same. I did get weighed on Thursday and found that I had gained 2.2lbs. I was not planning to be weighed that day and ate my lunch late as well as drank a ton of water. So even though I had a gain, I needed to be weighed-in. It helps to keep me honest.

Jake,me,Tamra,Cindy,Sheryl,Melanie & Bob at the start

Tam taking pics

at the half way mark

Jake & me

Jake chills out is front of light display

Cindy and I taking a quck break

Here we are at the finish line.
                       Last Thursday, my WW hommies, my sons and I did our November 5K+( we always walk over 3.1 miles-the more the better). Tamra took us through a tour of the Madison Square Park light show. As always we have a lot of fun talking, walking and taking pictures.
                          The next morning I started our my office's annual Job Health Fair with an in house yoga class. I used to love yoga as a teenager but for years I did not practice. When I did go to the gym in the mid 1990's, I did not go to yoga class. While I was pregnant with Jake, I did buy a prenatal yoga vhs tape. It was fun but not much like the yoga classes I used to take. I was going to take the day off to get some rest after the 5K+ but I really wanted to take the class. I did very well. I was able to do all of the poses ( basic of course) except for one where you lean on your head. It felt uncomfortable. The yoga class took part in our office's cafe which has a glass wall. It seems that a few of my co-workers were walking by and taking a look. I received compliments on my flexability. For the record, flexability was never my problem. The fat on my body made it hard for me to hold up my weight . I still have far to go but the weight I have lost so far and the strength building I have been doing allowed me to endure a yoga workout.
I took the opportunity to go to some of the other tables at the Health Fair. I went to the Nutrition table. The first thing out of my mouth  was "I'm in Weight Watchers". From then on I went on to talk about the changes I have made in my eating habits and the working out. They were so impressed with me that they gave me a lot of door prizes. One of the door prizes is a bran crispbread. It made me think about our WW meetings when members start talking about the products they purchased in Whole Foods and other Manhattan stores. I do not food shop in Manhattan because it is a long commute and I have to shop for the family. But sometimes I hear my friends talk about food ideas and I never find them in the supermarkets in where I live. Then one of the nutritionists told me that she has the same problem but she solves it by ordering from .I use Amazon to find things all kinds of things but I never thought to look for food items. I also found out that these items are not cheap but I think it would be nice to order one thing to try at a time. I also went to a local gym's table and received a one week pass. I will fill you in when I use it.
                       In my previous blog I told you that I was starting to feel lazy. I found a cure for that. My doctor was excited about my biking escapes. He told me that I should ride my bike for 30 minutes a day. In the Summer it was easy to come home and hop on my bike for 30 minutes but now it is Autumn and five days a week I leave home and return in the dark. I also read something in the October issue of Fitness Magazine where one of the editorial assistants said that she keeps her dvd's stacked in her line of vision that reminds her to queeze in a session ; even if it's just 15 minutes after a busy day. I decided that 30 minutes a day is doable. What I do now, is come home on weeknights, put my dinner on to cook and workout with a dvd or tape. Sure, I am really tired and work has been hard but once I do the workout I am glad I pushed myself.  On the weekends, I try to get up early and walk/jog around the track. A few times I could not part with my bed early in the morning so I took my bike out for one hour rides. My hubby repaired Jake's bike so he and I rodes our bikes in the afternoon.
                        This week's meeting topic is Thanksgiving and how we deal with it. Thanksgiving has not been a problem the past few years because I do all of the cooking for my immediate family, using the WW website to find ways to cook my favorites more healthfully. The first year I used though recipes suggestions, I did not tell anyone I had modified the food. They loved it anyway. For me, Thanksgiving is a day worth saving your bonus points for because there are more sides dishes than usual. I eat a low point breakfast while cooking and we eat early. I also have dessert. Pies actually. My family eats the leftovers until they're gone for the next day or so. That way I don't have to cook and I already know what is in the food and count my points.
                       This week I lost 3.6lbs. I got rid of the 2.2lbs from last week and then some. I now weigh 233.6lbs. So far I lost 44lbs. I am still in the 230's but heading in the right direction.  Here are some of my activities for the past week;
Tues. 11/9: 6,608 steps walking
Wed. 11/10: 30 mins dvd workout with weights
Thurs. 11/11: 15,338 steps/6.53miles of walking( thanks to the 5K+)
Fri. 11/12:7813 steps of walking and 45 mins of yoga
Sun. 11/13: biking for 60 mins
Mon. 11/15: 30 mins workout dvd
                        This week I want to maintain my loss. I know weigh-ins can go up and down so I will try my best to keep working out at least five days a week.  What I liked about the last week was that I got to do a yoga class. I am developing an imaginary bucket list (in other words -not on paper) of things that I was able to do before I let myself go and things that is discounted for myself because I my weight. I saw a sign when we were almost at the finish line. It says the future only goes in one direction. I need to keep myself going toward the future. Toward a healthy body and a better me.

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