Friday, September 24, 2010


      I have a bone to pick with myself. I have not been engaging in strength training. It all started with the Weight Watchers 5K Challenge. Before the challenge, I would workout with  my DVD's which combined aerobics and strength training. I have had my free weights for years of off and on exercising gathering dust in my closet. When I chose to work harder on improving myself in January 2009 after watching Beyonce telling me to put a ring on it, I pulled out the weights and a exercise tape and told myself I was committed to working out a couple of times a week. I started with Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Saturday and Sunday I walked around the track in my neighborhood. Eventually I found my self adding Thursday ( not Tuesdays because it's meeting night- I do extra walking ahead of the meeting. After a while I stopped feeling like I was going to die and I started to love it.
         Then came the 5K challenge. I decided that I would get a longer walk done in the morning . Because I am addicted to my pedometer, I found longer distances most days and the next thing I knew, I no longer did the workout tapes. The walking and eventually the jogging were great for me. I also added bike riding to the mix. Busting out a new regime made the weight start peeling off. Now that I have completed five 5K's with my Weight Watchers buddies and walk every day that I commute, I no longer toned my muscles. Well that wait is over . Incorporating strength training is back on. Last night I did the 20 minute Weight Watchers lower body workout. Those lunges were killer. I deliberately used my bigger weights ( 6lbs) so that I would burn. I sweated a lot during those 20 minutes. So I now vow to try to do some type of strength training 3 days a week.
          On another note, I read an article on WebMD about why some people lose weight faster than others. I am one of those people who go on a diet with somone and they lose a ton of weight and I do not. It's good to know that it is not just my imagination that this happens. So now I need to figure out how to work with it. Here is the article, check it out.

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