Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Close To You

the ActiveLink
                    I have not been very diligent in my blogging lately and I don't know why but I'm back. As a long time Weight Watcher not a goal I look forward to this time of year when the new WW gadgets come out and I find new and inspiring ways to get to goal. This year WW has something new for me; the ActiveLink. This is a device very much like my pedometer. It is supposed to give me credit for moving my butt. Unfortunately there is a new sheriff in town. It's called move your butt all day or else. This perplexes me because although I knew I had a sedentary job, working out was part of the package towards a better me. But it turns out that with ActiveLink I can workout and not get to 100%.

what it looks like at 100%
               As the great WW prophet Bob once said to me when I explained why my pedometer is important to me "Oh! You want credit." I almost clutched my pearls when he said this. I was hurt that he called me out on wanting credit for moving my butt.  It turns out that Bob is right. I do want credit darn it. Don't we all want credit for doing things?
              In my search for the holy grail of 100% I have done many things.
  • One night after a long day I noticed it was not quite there, so I did a 20 min DVD at 9pm.
  • I drink a lot of water at work so that I have to go to the bathroom ALOT.
  • Sometimes when I'm in the ladies room stall I do squats.
  • Another night I paced up and down the laundry room, while playing solitaire on my mobile(how's that for multi-tasking?) , much to the distress of my neighbors.
  • I danced up and down the kitchen to rock while cooking dinner. Have you ever stirred a pot and boogied down? You should try it.
  • I also challenged Jake to a dance-off.
  • I gave my hubby a lap dance (after staring at me like I am crazy, he gave me a dollar).
             The moral is you actually can move more during the day if you put your mind to it like it's your final exam. Change is hard.
what it looks like when it's happy

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