Wednesday, November 2, 2011


    The last week was okay. I went to the chiropractor last Tuesday and we started talking about making some changes in my weight loss journey. I typed a list of the things that I normally eat so that he could get an idea of the way I eat. He also told me about a diet plan where it would be beneficial to stop eating carbs after three pm. He brought this up to me and I felt alot of anxiety about this. I have been on the Atkins Diet , where you elimnate all carbs for a long time. So all I could think about were all the carbs I was going to miss.  Even though my doctor did not have a printout for the program, I decided that I would challenge myself to eliminating carbs after three pm. I started the next day.
Day One: I made four portions of pasta salad for the week so that I could pick up lunch and go. On my way to work I panic that I will not have carbs after three, so I purchase a bagel with cream cheese. Yeah that was a great idea for a unnecessary second breakfast. Then at 2pm I ceremoniously ate my pasta salad and a piece of fruit. At 2:55pm I had my WW snack bar. My WW homies cheered me on. My old man and co-workers thought I was nuts. Day One ended with a boiled egg snack.
Day Two: I did not want a bagel repeat so I had a little cereal and a banana at five am while I fed the cats. No bagel that day but the panic and ceremony at 2:55pm followed by WW bars and carb mourning.
Day Three: No second breakfast . Lunch was leftover spaghetti from dinner the family got to eat the night before. Nothing more sad than food envy.
Day Four: Saturday! It's the weekend baby! Yeah, happy it's the weekend but sleep late and don't have breakfast until 10am. Not really hungry until the panic time and I realize no more carbs until the next morning. I try to wolf down a couple of side dishes left over from the week. But I am really not that hungry so after a few frantic spoonfuls I dump it.
Day Five: Late but huge breakfast . I realize I had fun, used lots of points, don't sweat eating meat and broccoli for dinner.
Day Six: Work from home day so I eat regular breakfast, pasta salad lunch, meat and green veggie.

                   I  told the doctor last night that I tried the no carbs after 3pm program. He was amazed. He also said that he went over my food list I gave him last week and said there is nothing wrong with the things I eat. This week he has me on a colon cleanse. I tell him I will keep trying the no carbs after 3pm for a little while longer. He tells me that I could go off plan once and a while for a special event. Thank goodness he made this pronouncement just in time for the Monthly 5K Social Walk whick culminates at a pub with burgers and fries.  I get weighed in my Weight Watchers meeting last night and I  and find that I gained the .02lbs I lost last week. Go figure. Ironically, we had a discussion in the meeting about how the scale doesn't always reflect the week you think you had. Sure you tried something different, a new workout or you ran farther. Sure you ate only power foods or eliminated carbs after 3pm. Sometimes the scale cannot see everything that you did. You feel let down. But don't. The scale is just one piece of information. You know what you did and the effort you put forth.You also know that you feel better and your clothes fit better. You met the challenge.  I leave you with two quotes from this week's meeting.

" If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will see results."
"The scale didn't reflect because it's stupid!"


  1. Love the "bob"ism. I can just imagine him saying that. Melanie's QOTW is pretty good too. Hang in there Carin!


  2. Chuckled out loud over the second breakfast bagel - I totally would have done the same thing! Nice to change it up once and a while - keep it up :)