Monday, October 10, 2011

All That I'm Living For

        Somehow I think that last week's blog gave folks the idea that I'm giving up, but I'm not. Sometimes I have to give myself the chance to be angry or sad and usually I'm pretty good the next day. I have always lived my life that way. I have been through some experiences and have felt really down about them but usually I go through all the stages in one night. You know denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance? I can actual work my way through them in one pity party, take a deep breath and move on. Truthfully, life is short. You have to live it. You fall down, ache, heal, learn something from it and keep on moving. I come from a dramatic family (Jake is an academy award winning actor in the making).
         This is exactly what I did last week. I went on the hunt for "getting back my MOJO". I was on a great trajectory for a while. Losing , losing , losing weight. But it seems I tripped over something and lost the path and I have been wandering through the forest with Hansel and Gretel trying to find my breadcrumb trail ( note to self: breadcrumbs make bad markers).  So last week after my .4lbs gain I started researching different way to get back on track. I decided to pick a couple of things to do a little different to see if they make or break me. I went to my chiroprator appointment and asked him to show me some exercises that would be good for me. He handed me over to my massage therapist. One of the things we worked out with was a fitness ball. I never worked out with one before. She showed me some stretches, some core exercises and lifts. She also had me lift some weight and do some leg lift repetitions. Do you know what I found out? I found out that even though I can walk for miles, bike for miles and run a four mile race.. toning could still kick my butt. I was straining so hard to do these things and I was amazed at my weakness.  So I purchased a fitness ball ( and yes it is pink). I started working out some evenings while watching television and I like it.
        I also added some toning before bed almost every night;20 leg lifts here, 100 cruches there right before bed. It does not work me up. I just turn over and go to sleep.
       At our weekly meeting last Tuesday, I lost the .4lbs that made me so angry. One step forward at a time. The meeting topic was using all the tools in your ...
WEIGHT LOSS TOOL BOX( see if you recognize your favorites from the list we compiled)
-Food scale, measurings cups and spoons
-Lunch box
-Will power
           Try to use whatever you have to help you along. Try new things to see if something else works. Get mad. Binge a little( I mean once) and then get right back on the wagon. This wagon should take you where you need to be and at the end of your journey, the person you want to be. Not what someone tells you you need to look like and not what some magazine says you should wear. Just be the You that you can live with . And laugh. Laugh a lot. I heard it burns calories.

Tues. 9/27 - all day - 6pts
Wed. 9/28 -  all day - 3pts
Thurs. 9/29 - all day - 2pts
Fri. 9/30 - all day - 4pts
Sat. 10/1 -all day - 3pts
Sun 10/2 - 0pts
Mon. 10/3 - all day - 4pts
TOTAL = 22pts ( I consider this a rest and reflect week)

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