Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Brand New Day

     The last week has seen a lot of action. Training for the 4 Mile, actually running the 4 Mile, way too much excitement. So how do you come down from all of that? First you panic. I was so tired from the event but afraid that suddenly I would stop. I got up early on Monday (my work from home day) to run. Not just run because I am training for an event but just plain running for exercise. After my work day I took my bike out to the track. I have been neglecting my bike. I decided to have a leisure ride. My ride lasted an hour. I rode until my butt was numb.What was I trying to prove?
   Two weeks ago my chiropractor introduced me to kettle bells.. He was so proud of me because I learned how to do the exercise after one tutorial. He chose the 20lb weight. I never lift 20lb weights so I was a little apprehensive. The workout I tried was when you swing the weight between your legs and then lift it up to shoulder height while popping out your core. It felt like a good hard workout because I was sweating immediately. I have to warn you that my inner thighs hurt like the devil for three days straight everytime I sat down and stood up. Yesterday, he showed me how to do squats holding the 20lb weight in one hand while holding the opposite  arm up. Dr. B is going to try to teach me a new move every week. Next I am going to buy myself a 20lb kettle bell for home.
            This week's meeting topic is about managing your time for your weight loss journey. You have to make time for yourself. I'm a mom, I know all about this. I had to learn to make time for me. Sometimes you get so use to looking after other people that you put yourself on the bottom of your own to do list.  Here are some  ways my leader Melanie says we can....
Make Time For Success
-Analyze your day
-Set priorities (What would help you be successful today?)
-Enlist the help from others
-Have a plan for the entire day
-Make an aapointment for exercise
-Prepare additional food for cooking future meals
           So this week, why don't we see if we can  live up to the make time for success rules this week.

This Week's Activity
Tues. all day = 4pts
Wed. walk 30+ blocks to work + all day+ jog 1.6 miles = 14pts
Thurs.Walk 30+ blocks to work + all day = 8pts
Fri. all day = 4pts
Sat 4Mile event + walking around city = 18pts
Sun. Walking around running errands = 4pts
Mon. Jog 1.6 miles + all day = 11 pts
TOTAL = 63 pts

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