Saturday, July 23, 2011

Walking On Sunshine

              This week I have been moving myself along. By moving I mean walking. I am somewhat of a packrat. I hold on to a lot of materials from my journey such as WW weeklys and my tracking journals. So while having a bit of a weight loss stand still, I pulled out one of my previous journals. During this journal I was venting about how frustrated I was when I hit a plateau of a 25lbs weight loss. I decided to move a little more. I started by taking some walks in the morning by getting off my bus  a stop or more earlier. First I got off 20 + blocks away from the office. Once I mastered that ( by mastered I meant the length of time was faster and less challenging), I got off the bus the stop before that which was 30+ blocks. When the weather started to break in the spring, I decided to get off the bus 40+ blocks away. This was a slow process that I did not get used to because of the rainy season and then my sprained ankle.
             Well I am at it again. A few times a week I will get off of the bus 40+ blocks away from the office and walk there. Since I am carrying my heavy handbag and a change of clothes it takes about an hour. I had to modify the my bus schedule to catch an earlier bus so that I could clean up and change. But this is worth it. When I arrive at work I have already had a workout. I feel determined and satisfied, not to mention a lot of points on my pedometer. I am grateful for that.
              I went into my weekly meeting I knew for sure that I was going to have a bigger weight loss but the scale had a surprise for me. I gained 1.2lbs. We all know that we should not put a much stock in the scale because it can fluctuate from week to week. I di feel like I was retaining water for two days. That may have been part of it. I had hoped that it wouldn't show up on the scale but it did. I can't say I'm not disappointed. But I also believe in the long run that I am moving in the right direction. As my leader Melanie always says, "the check is in the mail". Check Please!!!

             Some nights I go home and ride my bike or go for a walk around the track to add extra workout. For a couple of nights, I asked my hubby if he would like to go on the walk with me.  Usually he looks at me like I grew three heads but this time he said yes. And not just once but on three different occasions. I have to admit that on Sunday after doing the laundry for hours, I asked him if he would go on a walk. He said yes. I have to tell you that at that moment he helped me because I was exhausted. I had been doing our laundry for hours( I wait until the linen closet is empty before I was linens), and I honestly believe that I would have said I oh well, maybe I won't go out after all.  But because he said yes, it kept me going. I am so grateful to him for that.

Tues. all day = 6pts
Wed. all day + walking laps after work = 8pts
Thurs. all day + walking a 5K lap = 10pts
Fri. all day = 2pts
Sat. walking to the movies + 4 miles around the track = 10 pts
Sun. laundry + laps around the track = 10 pts
Mon. 40+ blocks to work + laps around track at night = 9pts
            I have been really lucky the last few weeks and I have been having fun. A few weeks ago, my hubby sent me and the boys to see "Zarkana: Cirque du Soliel". We had a great time. Before the show we did our tourism bit by walking to Rockefeller Center in the rain. Then we went to the LEGO store. I cannot tell you  how much Lego means to me. My BFF introduced them to me when I was a tween and I forced myself to stop playing with them so that I could be a teenager. When Josh was small, I introduced him to Lego and he played with it until he was in high school too. My apartment was a sea of Lego sets from one end to the other and I loved it. Jake does not care for Lego as much as we did. Jake is a rocknroller. Lego requires a lot of dedication. But Jake still loved the Lego Store excursion.  "Zarkana" was wonderful. It's a circus opera without animals. It was beautiful and a beautiful graduation gift to Jake.

2,578.09 miles - 93.11 miles( 3 weeks forth) = 2,485 miles to go

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