Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Until You Come Back To Me(That's What I'm Gonna Do)

        Much ado has been made about my gaining weight. And all of it has been done by me. I have been huffing and puffing about being pissed off about gaining. But guess what? It's all a lesson. When you go on a trip, you take pictures of the beautiful (and sometimes ugly) things you see along the way. If you read my blog, you know that I take pictures all the time. It's how I pass moments in my life. It's one of the personality quirks I inherited from my father. I know this by the unbelieveable amount of baby pictures of me in various outfits and poses before he lost his life to cancer. And camera film and development was not cheap back then. I take these pictures because I want to relive those moments.
        The same can be said of my long weight loss journey. I need these setbacks and I need all of these 3-Ultimate trackers( and composition notebooks) to remind me of where I came from. Maybe I was doing well for long periods of time and maybe I was doing very funky for some periods of time. The important thing is that I am going to keep on trekking along. There were many times in my life where I lost weight. I starved, I crashed and ate weird combinations of food. And the weight came back. Sometimes more weight came with it. Then I would give up, eat my troubles away etc.. The last time I did that lasted almost seven years. SEVEN YEARS! Who does that? I did it. But I find that because WW is a slow process, I start getting used to the idea that it is indeed a slooooooow process. I lost 48.2lbs before and I will again and then some.
        Oh 6.4lbs that I gained back, as Weight Watchers is my witness, I will never go hungry again. You will come back to me one day and you will bring your friend 50lbs with you. So I'm gonna write down the foods that I consume; good or bad. I will put one foot in front of the other until I am the ultimate warrior I once was. I'm gonna go to the Tuesday Night Happy Hour meetings with Melanie. And I'm going to have the meeting after the meeting with my WW homies. I'm gonna tell you 6.4lbs, until you come back to me that's what Im gonna do.
       I don't want you to think I am totally neglectful. Things have been totally busy lately. Little League playoffs, graduation, office parties and holidays make it seem like I forgot. But I didn't. I am not back to my old workout self ( the theory is true. when you stop exercising, it's hard to get started). But last week the doctor said that I could get back into things little by little so I have being doing some biking. Here is some activity points from the last two weeks;
Tues -all day = 6pts
Wed - all day = 4pts
Thurs. grad day = 0pts
Fri.  - all day = 4pts
Sat. - all day = 7pts
Sun.- biking = 16pts
Mon. - biking = 12pts
TOTAL = 49pts

Tues. - all day = 7pts
Wed. - biking = 16pts
Thurs. - all day = 5pts
Fri. all day = 2pts
Sat. - biking = 16pts
Sun. - all day = 2pts
Mon. all day = 3pts
TOTAL = 51pts
               This weekend I went to a Going Away BBQ for my oldest and dearest friend. I was a little worried about going over board with the eating. So worried in fact that I mapquested the walk to her house so that I could get in a workout. My oldest son Josh did not attend. So I took advantage of my biker son Jake. I mapquested the driving directions to her home and they totaled 3.06 miles. Jake and I rode there and back again on our bikes. As usually I was a nervous wreck going on open roads but we ventured on. The hardest part was not the distance or the road. It was the amount of hills we had to bike. One hill was four blocks long. Jake and I had to get off our bikes for two blocks because we couldn't pump our legs anymore. At the BBQ I did not wolf down as much food as I though. Jake and I split a chicken cutlet, and I had a small scoop of potato salad,and collared greens and two small ribs. Sadly there was no diet soda so I kept it to two sodas . And I did not have a beer. Then before it became dark, Jake and I rode 3.06 miles home( okay so we got a little lost so it may have been a few blocks more). But the important thing is that I worked out the BBQ scare by adding exercise and being cautious about my intake. There will always be parties and holidays. And yes sometimes I will indulge. But it's not the end of the world.
             This week I lost .2lbs. I'm gonna tell you 6.4lbs, the changes I've been going through. Listen you. Until you come back to me that's what I'm gonna do.
Please enjoy some pics of Jake's Graduation.

Jake graduates 5th grade

Josh and Jake

Jake and his dad

Me, Jake and Darren


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