Monday, June 6, 2011

Yesterday Once More

    I have been extremely deliquent lately. I have been off my game and off my blog . That stinks. Part of it was because I was feeling sorry for myself because of my ankle. It is still sprained. We are in week three of an ankle sprain. Part of it is because I am stubborn. I hate forced rest. As a matter of fact, I am not sure that I know what forced rest actually means. Let's see, I am supposed to RICE( rest, ice, compress and elevate). This is hard for me because I work, I am a little league mom and I am the cook.My family is great but they really can't do it all. I am super Carin. I am supposed to do it all.
      To quote from Spiderman, "with great power comes great responsibility ". No truer words were spoken. Yes I am the big cheese at home but sometimes I am not the big cheese at taking care of the big cheese. I feel pulled in so many directions that I am not sure which way to go. But I do know the way to go. The way is down. Down the scale. I slipped up. I have not been on my game.
        Those little slips sneak up on you little by little. It starts out by one extra chip. Then extra something else. Secret eating. Not everyday but that doesn't matter. I have to get a hold of me.I was a little disappointed for not running the 5K on May 21st. But I did not let it stop me from walking in the the Weight Watchers Walk It Challenge on May 22nd. I took it easy for a few days but then I started to feel trapped by my ankle. I asked the doctor if there was something I could do and he said that I could ride my bike. That was exactly what I did. My son Jake and I took some rides around the neighborhood. It felt so good and so free. I spent a few days riding my bike and attending little league games and I felt great.  I love being able to do things. Fun things. For years, I did not do things that were active and fun because I thought I could not or should not. But once I started my weight loss journey, I realized that I was entitled to do all those things. I realize that buried deep down beneath all of this fat was a woman who could ride her bike for miles and a woman who could jog a 5K.

Me, back on the bike
        So forgive been as I slowly try to get back into things .I will try to be frank about slipping. I have slipped off the cliff and I am now hanging by my fingernails. I am trying to get back up on the ledge. Just imagine at 234lb woman hanging from a cliff from her fingernails. That's me. But also imagine me getting one foot back on the ledge. I will . I did it before.
Jake back on the bike
Me and Jake after a long bike ride

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  1. Dont be so hard on yourself, we are all allowed slips every once in awhile, but the challenge is to not allow those slips to take over your weight loss journey. Glad you were able to bike with Jake. I know how it feels to have an injury and not be able to work out. I pulled my achilles tendon a month or so ago and it killed me not to be able to run or do as much in the gym. It took some time but got back in the swing of things eventually. You have such a positive attitude, keep up with it and continue the success girl!
    Michelle C