Thursday, February 17, 2011

We Can Work It Out

             Last week I mentioned that I have a hard time feeling full. So I spent the last week trying to feel the little feeling that says everything is ok or as we now call him SBG (Satisfied Balloon Guy). Sometimes while paying attention, I actually heard him. Other times my hungry self growled at him and he ran away. A few nights I drank 16 to 32oz. of water before I made my plate. I found this to be a good project for me to pay attention to when and why I eat. This project of paying close attention to SBG became a stress test. I picked up my Idiots Guide for Zen Living when trying to control my natural reaction to eat. I found two things that I thought was very interesting for someone like me who is trying to find inner peace.The Zen of eating is to be in the moment of your eating.
             This sounds like something easy to do but when you are an experienced overeater it is one of the hardest things to do. In the book it says you need to live in the moment of your eating. Really taste. Really experience the flavor, texture, the whole process. Many of us binge, and feel miserable and guilty about it.The book says Feeling guilty about eating too much or not enough, or eating the wrong things such as sweets, high fat foods, red meat or dairy products is perhaps just as damaging as the foods themselves. Whatever you eat, eat it with full awareness and joy at each bite and it will nourish you.
             The other thing I read is a metaphor for what we at Weight Watchers are doing. It was called REARRANGE YOUR FURNITURE. It may sound silly, but even the tiniest shift of a kitchen table or couch can make all the difference. It will make the room - and you! -feel good again. And the best part? It doesn't cost a thing.(Tip: If you need to move a large item on your own, stick a dish towl under each leg and push; or if you've got carpet, use furniture sliders). You're probably saying to yourself, Carin has officially lost her mind. But let me put it to you this way. Working the program is like rearranging your body and your life. Weight Watchers can be the tip that you use to make yourself better. Even the slightest change improves something. Paying attention to what you eat, working out. Even if you do one of those things just a little bit, you feel better. Kind of like you rearranged your furniture.
        This week I gained .06lbs. I am not worried but it does push my resolve to be better. So today I am starting my UNDER 230lbs OR BUST campaign.

Tues. all day = 3pts
Wed. climbed 70 flights of stairs with Jake and his friend Vanessa + 30 mins walking dvd with 3lbs weights = 8pts
Thurs. all day + 30 mins walking dvd w/ 3lbs weights = 7pts
Fri. all day + 30 mins walking dvd w/ 3lbs weights = 6pts
Sat. errands with Jake & Josh( walked 3.70 miles) + jog in place 50 mins = 10pts
Sun. Rest day
Mon. all day + jog in place 30 mins = 6pts
Total for week = 40 pts
             This week's topic is Plan-Friendly Fridge. The funny part is that I still have the picture from last year's coverage of this topic. What is this all about? It's called managing your environment. So for laughs I took pictures of my family friendly fridge. Box drinks for Jake, leftovers, the white bags on the bottom shelf contain chicken for the next few days. We eat lots of chicken. You will notice a small white box of chocolates. They were a Xmas present from my boss. I ate some and then I have been putting off eating the rest. But as I said in the meeting, the chocolates are front and center. I opened up the bins on the bottom to show my produce. For years, those bins were also used to store chocolate bars. Now they only store fruits and veggies. I did not take pictures of my freezer. It usually contains wrapped frozen meat, frozen veggies and ice cream. Do not clutch your pearls about my frozen veggies and fruits. The are actually just as healthy as the fresh ones. And it's nice to know that if you pull out a veggie to cook for dinner and it has started to turn, you may go into your freezer for a frozen one.
              I know another way of managing ones food environment is to make sure that your trigger foods are not in the house. I reside in Snack Land. There are snacks for everyone including me. I keep a bucket of assorted WW snack bars in case I desire a candy-like treat. My husband and Josh each get a different flavor of ice cream. (I keep small dessert dishes that helps them have decent portions and they make it last a week) There are cookies for Jake's cookies and milk before bed. There is 94% fat free microwave popcorn that Jake is all too happy to help me eat. I also keep fruit in the house. The fruits that each person likes so that they feel good about eating it. Jake loves bananas and red seedless grapes. In between snacks, I encourage him to have fruit by offering his favorites. It works.
              For next week I am going to pursue the art of moving forward. I want to see under 230lbs in this lifetime. I am going to keep going deep within myself and find SBG. For the record I actually did achieve that satified feeling at least twice. When I felt it, it was so foreign to me that I doubted it. I meditated on it. I put my hand on my stomach. I took deep breaths. I asked myself the question, do you feel hungry? Or do you need to manage your feelings?

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