Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Like To Move It Move It

        I like to move it move, he likes to move it move it, she likes to move it, we like to move it. All you moms out there have heard that song. The first time I heard it when I took Jake to see Madagascar years ago and it is still my favorite part of the movie. You can't help but start dancing. Some of us remember the beat from hanging out in the club. Well the truth is I do like to move it move it.
        I did not always move it. That is one of the reasons that I weigh what I do. There was a time when the most activity I got was cooking all the exremely fattening foods that my family and I love to eat. Seriously, frying pans after pans of chicken requires a lot of energy. But while I was enjoying those crispy vittles all I wanted to do was lay down and watch tv. I am not crapping on tv. No. TV is still my friend. But raising the remote control to turn the channel did not burn calories and I blew up to almost 300lbs mostly because I couldn't see my ever growing ass because I was sitting on it.
        The first step to beginning to exercise should be a little one. When I realized that I should exercise, I purchased a beginner's exercise tape. It was 30 minutes long. I decided that I would aspire to work out three times a week. There was a lot of sweating, cursing  and heavy breathing. And yes there was a lot of pain. So much pain that it hurt to get into the bed at night. I wanted to quit because I did not think it was a good thing to be in pain all the time. But there is a lesson with that pain I was experiencing. I was using a body that was not used to moving. I was ripping apart muscles and the pain was my muscles repairing themselves. I know this well because my hubby gives me this particular lecture when I whine about being in pain.
         Pretty soon three times a week became five times a week. Eventually the workout seemed easy and I added weights to exert more energy and create more muscles. Then something mysterious happened. My body started changing. There were muscles popping up in places I don't remember ever seeing muscles. My clothes became loose. I dropped a jean size and then a month later I dropped another jean size.  Walking long distances were no longer a struggle. I found excuses for walking longer distances.  When the Weight Watchers 5K Walk Challenge came along, I  couldn't wait to do it. And thanks to Tam, who organizes the monthly 5k's, we will walk again once the weather gets better. Come on Spring!!
         I began to challenge myself in other ways. I started to jog. At first all I could think about is that everyone is looking at me. But that was all in my head. I was embarrased to be the fat girl running. Now this fat girl jogs. And guess what? Sometimes there are people watching me and cheering me on. Sometimes it's those people cheering me on that keeps me from stopping.
        Thanks to my fellow WW member Sheryl, I rediscovered my love of riding a bike. I purchased a big pink Schwinn cruiser for my birthday. I would change as soon as I got home so that I could  get a bike ride in before the sun went down. The best part of my bike riding is that I can ride with my son Jake. He and I entered a bike tour together. That never would have happened if I didn't take that first step to move.

        I did not move as much this week as I normally do because I was stressed out. I did earn 32 activity points from all day errands and a couple of dvd workouts. I was so stressed out that when the weekend came around I could not function. I spent the weekend on my bed watching tv. And I felt soooo guilty about it because I felt as though I was letting myself down. But the truth is I needed a break. I did indulge a little bit this weekend. When I hit my boiling point and found myself screaming I said the hell with it . I poured myself a big glass of wine and had some pretzel rods with it because it had been hours since my last meal. I served myself a giant bowl of spaghetti( with a tossed salad) and planned to fall into a twelve hour coma. My boys were not having that coma business. They came into my room and watched tv with me. I kept trying to sedate myself with Twizzlers and frosted flakes. And then I was done. The next morning I got up and made Sunday breakfast for the family. I had one and two egg whites, a hash brown, and a blueberry bagel( 7pts- I forfeited my turkey bacon so that I could have it). I went back to business as usual. We fall down and we get back up. A binge really is not the end of everything.
       This week I lost 3.4lbs. Thank goodness for that .4 before it puts a tiny crack in my plateau. I hope that I am on the the road to a 50lbs loss. I spoke with my doctor today. I expressed to him that while I am patient about the fact that my journey will be a long one, I feel that I am losing a little too slow. I told him that I have seen people join our WW meeting and drop 50lbs in six months but I haven't lost 50lbs yet. So next week he is going to run some tests to see if there is a medical reason that my loss is slow.
      Everyone have a good week! And don't forget to move it move it.

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