Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Please Sir, May I Have Some More

            Well here I am on another week of my weight loss journey.I have to start off by saying that the weather really sucks these days. Fall is my favorite season. It's just cool enough for a jacket or a sweater and you get to see the leaves turn beautiful colors. Not this week. It has been raining and raining and raining. Although I know that we need rain on this planet, I have seen enough rain to last me a while. I have not walked the two miles to the office in a week and a half. I really miss it. I never realized how much I loved getting that walk in on most mornings until it was cruelly taken away from me. It has made me feel a little depressed. What I  do to make up for the walking has been the exercise dvds. So this is what my workout schedule was this past week;

Tues. 9/28- accumulated 2.86 miles (6726 steps) during the day
Wed. 9/29- rode my bike for an hour (bugs and all)
Thurs. 9/30- 20 minutes lower body strength training &  20 minutes ultimate cardio workout
Fri. 10/1- 20 minutes lower body strength training & 20 minutes ultimate cardio workout
Sat. 10/2- walked 3.55 miles (8335 steps) & rode my bike for 20 minutes
Sun. 10/3 - supposed rest day( if you call cooking, doing laundry & and doing my hair
Mon. 10/4-20 minutes lower body strength training, 20 minutes ultimate cardio workout & 20 minutes core
cardio workout.

     I fufilled my commitment to strength training three days this week but I am longing to feel my feet pounding the pavement. Good grief, I may have to walk in the rain. At this week's weigh in I gained 1.4lbs. No I'm not happy about that. I now weigh 240.0lbs. I am still on the rollercoaster with a long trip ahead of me. I changed up my routine a little to see if I can make it happen. I'll just have to try a little harder.
          This week's meeting topic is about portion control. I really hate this topic because one of my hardest changes in life is portion control. I have good portion control during the day but at night I eat the largest set of points. My dinner plate does not resemble a Weight Watchers entree. The sad part is, I have the points. I get 28 points a day and I rarely dip into my bonus points.One of my fellow meeting attendees said that he likes to have that big plate of food at the end of the day and feel full. I agree with him. Someone else suggested that this full plate of food at the end of the day is like medication. And I am not denying it totally. But I think that it is a good thing to be home in my house with my freshly cooked food that I take the time to balance veggies , lean meats and grains. Although it has packed some weight on my body, food it still my friend. My leader Melanie has issued a challenge to be mindful of portions for two days. I will see what I can do.

This weekend I went grocery shopping with my little guy Jake. We had our shopping cart and our reusable grocery bags. 

First we went to have our lunch at Golden Krust. Rule number one, never go shopping hungry.
Jake loves spicy beef patties. I had a veggie pattie.
It was 340 calories. After our lunch we proceed to the grocery store , entering in the produce section. We then shopped the perimeter for our fresh fish and meats. We finished up our shopping in the middle. I think we got enough..........

We also suffered a minor tragedy. 
Our little coffee maker has left the building. Jake picked out the new one. Let's have a moment of silence for the oldie but a goodie.............


  1. Well done -- a thoughtful post. I chowed down an entire Chipotle burrito bowl with extra guacamole at 10pm. Probably the size of 2 stomachs. Woke up in the middle of the night feeling uncomfortable. Lessons learned. Maybe instead of trying to make the radical switch to a WW size portion, serve yourself just a smidge less each time? There's a spectrum from totally stuffed to full to sated to subsistence -- the key, I think is to figure out how to feel sated without having to stuff yourself. When I can do it for myself, I'll let you know. :-) Until then, congrats on finishing the blogpost! Warmly, Nina

  2. Hi there! I found your blog through *Bitchcakes*. Been reading for a couple weeks, but never commented. I just wanted to pick you up a little about your 1.4 pound gain. I suspect that your muscles are retaining a bit of water as a result of your new strength program. Make sure you're getting in all of your water this week, and I'll bet you see a loss at your next WI. I always gain after a long run, and then a couple days later see a loss once the water is flushed from my muscles.
    Best wishes! Paula