Sunday, August 29, 2010

Food Glorious Food

     I am writing this blog a little later than usual. For one thing, it has been busy at work and home. For another thing, I will fill you in shortly. First, let's check out this week's meeting topic. It's call Yes, You Can Eat That. Folks, this is the reason that I have chosen to join Weight Watchers. I have been on many diets through out my life. The Stewardess diet, the Scarsdale diet, the Grapefruit diet, the Cabbage Soup diet and the ultimate Atkins diet. I must start by saying that if you need to lose small amounts of wieght in a hurry for an event, then these diets may be for you. I lost weight on them, but I could not eat like that forever. When the diet stopped, so did the weight loss. Eventually it turned to weight gain. I felt betrayed by my own lousy body . Why couldn't my body act like everyone else's and lose weight forever and stay thin? What was the matter with me? Didn't the model on the box, book or informercial say that these diets saved her life? Was my life not worth saving too? Then came the eating of all the wonderful comfort foods or as I like to joke, "the medication". I only recognize it as medication now. I avoided Weight Watchers like the plague. I did not want to pay weekly dues. I did not want to talk to a group of people about the amount of food I ate. I did not want to measure food.
        After another gain back the weight cycle, and my gynocologist asking me if I ever thought of surgery, I decided to try Weight Watchers. I never want to have surgery because I have heard of some sad endings. I also knew a co-worker who had the surgery and had to get up and throw up in the middle of luncheons. She also had to change her habits. She had to work out regulary and eat so little. I was happy for her body transformation, but then I thought about it.  If I have to eat less and exercise more after being cut open, why don't I just do those things without being cut open and see what happens? I realized that I did not know how to do everything so I joined Weight Watchers. Do you know what I found out? I can still eat some of the foods that I enjoy within reason. In measuring, I realized that when I eat much more than a normal portion, I put myself in jeopardy of gaining weight. Do I still eat more than I am supposed to? At times I pig out or have that extra portion but with Weight Watchers I realized that is not the worst thing in the world.
        For every action, there is a reaction. If there is an upcoming event or just because I wanted to, I have to plan. For example, Thanksgiving. A main dish that must be present at every family function is a giant cassarole dish of macaroni and cheese. I love it and so does my son. It comes with a high calorie count. I modified my recipe to ease up a little bit. I choose fat free and 2% ingredients. To my surprise it still tasted the same. To prove it, I served it to my mom without telling her the change in ingredients. She never knew the difference and I told her about it later.
         Spaghetti is my gateway drug. When I found out that it was not off limits, I was happy as I could be. The problem was it used a lot of points. I refused to let it go. I did my WW research and found out that if I made a few changes it would be okay. I use 99% fat free ground turkey meat and whole wheat spaghetti. I also have a big tossed salad before I start eating my pasta. I serve the pasta in a small plate or bowl so that it looks like a lot. There are some diets that would say you can never have pasta again. But Weight Watchers is a way of life.
         Another way to eat some of things you like is to exercise. You should exercise to keep your body healthy but you can also exercise to earn a few extra activity points to off set the extra point in your favorite dish.I do not want anyone to feel deprived. When you feel deprived, you will not be able to maintain . This is a lifestyle, not a diet.
          And now for the other reason my blog is so late. This week I had a weight gain. I gained 4.2lbs. I am not happy about it. although I always remain apprehensive about weigh in day, sometimes I can agonize over a weight gain. I just had two great weeks in a row of losing . My weight gain could be for almost anything.
-It could be the act that it rained four days in a row and I am addicted to outdoor activity right now.
-It could be because I ate two fried foods for dinner this week when I usually don't fry at all.
-It could be the fact that I was taking sinus medication .
-It could be that I was retaining water from muscle repair.
-It could be that my metabolism was affected by my anxiety over work.
It could be all of those things put together. I am not feeling as devastated as I used to get.  I know for a fact that I will pay closer attention what I am cooking and eating. I will figure out a way to keep up my activity indoors again. And if I get stuck, my fellow meeting members will help me and I will lose the weight again.

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  1. Keep going girl! Happy I found your blog... you are doing great overall. So much weight lost. I eat a lot more when I am stressed about work too. Which is like, always. Just loose more often than you gain and you'll be on track.