Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Plateau and making them go boom

  This week's meeting topic was about plateaus. The definition is a stage at which NO progress is apparent. When we weigh in every week, we expect the number to be lower than the week before. That does not always happen. For one thing our weight can flucuate from day to day and from week to week. Plateaus can sometimes be discouraging. But a plateau can encourage you to do new things like change your eating habits or start a new workout. I had a "plateau" for a while where I kept gaining and losing the same five pounds. I was beginning to feel like a hamster on a wheel. After getting annoyed, I thought about what I could do to bring about a solution. One of the things that worked for me was to begin a new journal. I used a school composition notebook so that I would be able tomake notes or elaborate on my feelings,day or workout routine. Of course I also recorded what I ate. I started to lose weight. When I did have a set back or a stall, I would look back on what was happening when I did not lose.It was not magic but it helped me become more aware.
          Another thing to look at when you're stalled are NSV(non scale victories).
-My clothes fit better
-I have more energy
-Food is not my go to drug when I am upset or board

This week I had a scale victory. I lost 4 pounds. In total, I have now lost 35.4lbs. and I weigh 242.2.
What happened during the last week;
1)I exercised for seven days straight.
Tues.7/6: Walked over two miles to work + all day= 6pts
Wed. 7/7(my birthday): Walk over two miles to work + all day = 5pts
Thurs.7/8: Walked over two miles to work + all day + 5K = 8pts
Fri. 7/9: Walked over two miles to work + all day = 7pts
Sat. 7/10: Walk/Jog combination plus all day = 10 pts
Sun 7/11: Rode my new bike for three miles
Mon. 7/12: Walked over two miles to work + all day= 4pts

2)Major milestone: I jogged for nine minutes straight. I never thought I could do it but I did.
3) Went to a party and stuck to fresh fruit & salad .Okay , I did have a little dessert after.
4) I completed another 5K with the help of our WW crew and fearless leader Melanie.
5) I journaled what I ate.
    I had a bad day today. I was really angry. I mean REALLY PISSED! But for the first time, I was not hungry. I wanted to punch someone or something. I wanted to scream and cry. But I did not do food, my go to drug. I think that is a big accomplishment.
          This coming week, I am going to keep up my exercise and see if I can get more biking in.

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