Monday, July 26, 2010


          I am a little late with this week's blog. I had a great weigh in this week. I lost 3.4lbs. which is totally awesome. This brings my total loss so far to 38.8lbs. That is close to the 40lbs marker. When you have a ton of weight to lose you try to focus on small portions at a time. For me it is in tens. I started out at 277lbs. So I have said good bye to the 270's, 260's, 250's, and the 240's. This is one way to see that my hard work is paying off.  I was stalled for a while on 259-257lbs. It was very frustrating. So frustrating that I realized I had to pay more attention to what I was doing. This is when I took one of my son's black & white composition notebooks and started using it as a journal. I wanted the journal to be big because I wanted to write down thoughts and feelings if it was a good or a bad day. The good thing about keeping a journal is when you're having a rough time, you may look back on the following;
1) was it your time of the month
2) were you eating above your points
3) were you eating from take out or restaurants
4) did you have enough activity
5) did you have any medication
6) could you be retaining water from healing muscles

     All of those things are really valid reasons for being on a "plateau". Sometimes we beat ourselves up for not being perfect. You are on a journey(definition= something suggesting travel or PASSAGE from one place to another) . I don't know about everyone else but commuting to work is a journey. I have to walk to my bus stop, climb on a bus, go some distance, get off the bus, and walk to my destination. Just because I follow those steps every work day does not mean that they become any easier. Sometimes the weather is bad. I might miss my regular bus. The bus could be very crowded. We could have an accident. There could be alot of traffic and I could be late for work. Does that sound good and easy to anyone? No, it does not. Can I change all of those things? No, some maybe but others are out of my control. And I will be angry and rail at the heavens but it the end, I'm going to do the best that I can.
                This week I started riding my bike a little more. I am trying to go home and get my bike and ride for about four miles. It is a quick ride and I break a good sweat. I do this in addition to the two mile work to work Mon-Fri. On the weekend I am trying the walk/jog combination. Last weekend my old man came with me. I don't know whether it is because of endurance or the fact that I was distracted by his company but I did jog a lot more than I walked. Adding some of these things probably attributted to my amazing weight loss this week. I hope that tomorrow's weigh in goes well.

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